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Disney Global Marketing Strategy Memo

Disney Global Marketing Strategy Memo 

Date:            December 20, 2016
To:                All Marketing Department Employees
From:           Joseph Smith, Marketing Specialist
Subject:       Global Marketing Strategies
As Disney expands each year into a more global market we must develop new and innovative marketing strategies.  With this in mind we have been incorporate dubbing of materials, incorporation of local themes into Disney television programs, films, and books as well as the expansion of our viewing audience to break into new markets.
The beginning of this expansion began within the Indian market in children’s programming in 2004 and has continued with the release of High School Musical in 2006. “Many standard strategies are visible in the marketing of High School Musical, including dubbing content into local languages, creating content locally or drawing on local themes, and running local promotions and competitions” (Rudisill, K. 2009).  Incorporation of these target marketing strategies enables Disney to draw the attention of many different age groups, genders, and cultures.  In example, to create content that would resonate within the Indian communities High School Musical adapted a Bollywood-style format that aided in the transition from foreign to local content.  Another marketing strategy that appeared to help adapt to this cross-cultural integration is the encouragement of teens to hold their very own dance competitions altering
the dances performed in musicals to dances that would mimic their individual cultures “making them relevant to their particular cultural experiences” (Rudisill, K 2009). Promotion of these musical films have been done by involving students of all cultures to participate in these dance programs and competitions, by local community involvement through local radio stations, and by utilization of the Disney website as well as social networking sites. To encourage transition into a more global markets Disney “publishes books, magazines and digital products in 85 countries in 75 languages” (Disney Consumer Products, 2014).  “ In addition to books, magazines and digital products  There are currently more than 200 Disney Store locations in North America; more than 40 Disney Store locations in Japan; and more than 80 Disney Store locations in Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, plus online stores” (Disney Consumer Products, 2014).
The goal of well-organized business is to take the research from your marketing strategy functions to implement wise decisions utilizing the components of your marketing mix” (Ferraioli, T (2014).  By maintaining Disney’s marketing focus on the 4 P’s:  product, price, place and promotion Disney will be able to maintain its position as the leader in children and teen television programs, films, and products.
If you have any questions or concerns about marketing strategies, products, or our global products please contact Jennie Jackson at 123-123-1234 or at


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