Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Eating in Restaurants

 Eating in Restaurants

I’m not too big on eating at a restaurant but I did experience excellent customer service. I was not long ago. It was a very positive experience for me because I never tried Middle Eastern food before. The arraignment allowed the flow of traffic. Before I eat a restaurant or do anything I head over to Google+ and read the reviews of what the customer likes and dislikes about the place. The dish I had was a Shwarma salad. The dish contained grilled chicken, cheese, and other herbs and spices. I never experience any negativity from the restaurant. They welcome everyone and catered to every need of the customers. 

Since the restaurant was on a base everyone are mostly military and locals. The establishment seems to be owned and operated as a family business. I do not see any outsiders and their business seems to be doing well. A negative experience can indeed hurt a business. Reports do show that small business goes out of business within the first three years. This is due to many factors such as unhappy employees that do not know how to properly train unskilled employee. They lose their morale and can result in employee’s turnover. Unskilled workers can also cause increase expenses due to the fact the supplies, productions, and lawsuits that arise due to compensation for defective products.

To turn a negative business into a success business is the use of feedback cards and always listens to what your customers have to say. You have to take in account what change needed and follow through with that. Always be honest with the customers when it comes to mistakes. Always know that the customer is always right.


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