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Human Resources Technology

Human Resources Technology

          The research technology that I researched online about “human resource management” on the internet, the title was name “Inside HR Tech Column”. That is one of the tutorials in HR technology available on the internet. The technology that was demonstrated in the human resources for marketplace has expand tremendously within the years of this area. Some the technology that was demonstrated in the HR landscaping approaches is video, wearables, machine learning, and predictive analytics (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). The benefit of this technology as it is applied to human resources and benefits trends are the internet of me, the outcome economy, platform revolution and evolution, intelligent enterprise, workforce reimagined (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13).
The “internet of me” meaning on the website is that the world we leaving in will be personalized than ever before. Meaning that technology going continue to grow the more that time moves on. “Forward-thinking businesses are changing the way they build new applications, products and services to engage customers without breaching the customers' trust” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). The types of business to which this technology would apply is the Brand Amper, explain in the Inside HR Tech Column says it is the “awesome new startups for HR AT THE 2014’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition. It says the Brand Amper has developed a unique application to help well “has developed a unique application to help better align individuals' personal brands and personae with the overall organizational and employment brand, resulting in a "win" for both the employee and the company. Those behind Brand Amper, like many HR providers, have realized that, by supporting the individual, organizations can drive better business outcomes as well” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13).
The “Outcome Economy” is that intelligent hardware will structure the digital enterprise and the physical world. “As the physical world picks up sensors of all kinds, products will become more meaningful in the results they produce for people. This is no longer about selling things, but selling results” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). This will be huge impact and different result on the world. While it is already changing with majority economy is getting more comfortable about the selling results then the selling things. The example of this type of business to which this technology would apply is the Shape Up, Virgin Pulse, and Limeade. All of these solutions are from wellness providers. “Combining technology with expertise in motivation, competition and team building, these solutions can help deliver better outcomes for individual health and wellness, as well as company productivity and results. Organizations that engage with these kinds of solutions often report improvements in retention, absence rates and overall employee engagement-which all lead to positive impacts on the top and bottom lines” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13).
The “Platform Revolution and Evolution” is a platform-based companies are through more digital economy’s opportunities for growth and profits towards the companies. This is platform base which contribute to the main base companies. Which is the platform-based companies were all the profit will added to the platform revolution and evolution. The types of business on which this technology would be applied are Elanceo Desk,, and perhaps can even include software developer community sites such as GitHub and Stack Overflow (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). Those are the examples of how platform revolution and evolution are impacting in the human resources and the workforce in the “on-demand” market. “These kinds of platforms, while having different business models, reflect the essential elements of the new "platform" model: bringing buyers (organizations) and sellers (contractors, skilled developers) together in one virtual environment and facilitating the exchange of information and value. These sites are making it easier for HR leaders to discover talent and to cut time and costs out of traditional talent-acquisition processes” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13).
The “Intelligent Enterprise” which is the intelligent group of people in area technology to make enterprise faster decisions, complex or more advance data, and more advance software intelligence will make it easier for machines to make better-informed decisions. This another trend that will expand in the future and impact the economy. The types of businesses to which this technology would apply are Visier, in the workforce-planning and analytics-platform space, Equifax Workforce Solutions, an informed and data-intensive decision making to support Affordable Care Act compliance, and Vestrics. “Data has become the new currency of the enterprise, and HR leaders, supported by technology, will be well positioned to lead the charge in this area” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13).
The “Workforce Reimagined” is that machines and humans will have to be more activate together than ever before. This is the future when technology and humans will have interact with together. Even though it is happening right now however it will expand in the future. “Advances in natural interfaces, wearable devices and smart machines will present new chances for companies to empower their workers through technology” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). The types of businesses to which this technology would apply are that all HR technology solutions will play huge role in the businesses. One of the solutions that I found on the website called Wearable Intelligence. Wearable Intelligence is “which has developed an amazingly interesting set of applications for front-line and field workers, particularly in the oil- and gas-services industry” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). Which are the Google Glass for example is the technology to improve worker performance and drive productivity. “The kinds of technology driven transformations that we see all around us in our non-work lives are also happening in equal measure in our workplaces, and will impact how we lead, grow, engage and support our workforces” (Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). This is an amazing period in the evolution of technology, and HR technology is at the forefront of these trends.
To examine whether the technology I discovered would be a good investment for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe I think so. The reason why it will be a good investment for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is that it will make a huge impact on the long term goal in the Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. By the different investment that the future technology will have in the Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. The add appropriate new HR technology to Tim’s which leadership style should Tim ideally use to make this transition from the previous system to new one successful is setting area, interior appearance, order accurate, service, break room, and store room.  Plus with new technology like a computer it may be a new technology that’s more advance then the computer. For example like the service it should be more advance with newer technology to improve the service.

Boese, Steve.  (2015, Feb 13). From the "Internet of Me" to reimagining the workforce, major HR technology trends are transforming the way modern business gets done.Retrieved from.

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