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Internship Reflection Essay

Reflection Essay

            This week assignment involves applying the experience of the internship in an academic setting. Using the observations of the first week there will be an evaluation of professional competencies and business process. The course outcomes that will be evaluated.. These will be described in detail and improvements will be suggested.
Control Processes
Week one in the internship has shown that General Public University consulting seems to not have very many business controls. Organizational control comes from the goals and strategic plans of the organization of the company. ("The Control Process - Boundless Open Textbook", 2015) During week one the observation of General Public Consulting was that there was not clear plan. The leaders lacked direction and did not do a very good job of taking control of new interns. There was a meeting that was intended to make things easier for interns however the meeting did not give the interns any direction whatsoever. The basic message was that managers would reach out to managers and give the interns more direction. After week one the conversation from the manger was no better and the manager did not even know what job description that was assigned. There has not been any direction as far as job description and midweek there was an email assigning a new job and a different manager. The new manager is not much better and has not reached out to give the new job description.
Part of organization control is to implement new interns into the company. There should be a process put into place to not only welcome them but to orientate them into the company. The company should have already had the interns assigned a position and managers should be prepared in order to make sure the new interns were well oriented. The interns should have a clear idea what the company mission is and the objectives that need to be met. Knowing what the mission is will help develop the goals of the company. The managers will then be able to figure out how each department can contribute to those goals. The managers should not just assign people to a task but to do a better description of the job assigned. The top level managers did a good job of delegating the jobs down, and the interns feel more comfortable, but the mid-level managers did not do a good job with following up with the interns making them understand what the goals and mission of the job.
Professional Competencies and Control Process
The first week of working there seemed to be processes or controls in place.  There was new interns who were still confused as to what their position were. People had gotten promoted and did not seem to have a grasp on their new position. Business process management is a systematic approach to making an organization workflow more effective (Margaret Rouse , 2015).   General Public consulting did not seem to have this in place. However, after a few days of new interns being frustrated and confused, the new leaders started to take charge of their now positions and get the new interns situated. The process that needs the most improvement would be the smooth transition of new interns into the program. There was and orientation meeting and even though this was a good idea many people left more confused than when they signed up. The meeting had most of the leadership present and many of the interns were there as well. The recruiters were also present too. The recruiters had told the new recruits that their questions would be answered and that the program would be explained. That did not exactly happen. To improve upon this Business Process Management there should some changes.  The process should be an orientation to the new interns. This should be more organized and instead of it being a question answer session it should be more about the mission of the company and what the goals are. The business model should be presented and the interns should have a better description of what the job positions are. The recruiters should set up interviews instead of just placing people into positions. Once the person is hired then the department manager should reach out to the interns and give them a good description of their jobs and follow up with them to make sure they understand. Overall I think General Public consulting is a new company and has come a long way in a short period.  Small improvements in the process will make this a much better experience for the new interns. By adapting new and improved processes will improve the efficiency to the interns getting to work and less time worrying about the course itself.
            In conclusion, the real world setting of General Public Consulting there were two core competencies. The first was to evaluate the control process. Once an evaluation was made, the second was to evaluate the BPM. Week one exposed several weaknesses in the processes. The first week also showed the by having a BPM that the processes could be improved. There were improvements that were suggested and improvements can be made.
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