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Marketing Research for International Expansion

Marketing Research Case Study: I-Drive Transport

U Drive Transport is largely popular in the United Sates. It all started back in June of 2008 when a brother and sister team Jenna and Karl came up with the idea of U Drive Transport. The whole idea is to provide car in the urban area. You can rent a car for a few hours, the whole day or even the month.  It started in 2009 with only 10 cars by the University of Chicago. Now this company has grown to 20 major city centers and over 500 personnel working for them.  Their whole idea is to take this company into the global market.  They are currently looking at Bail Indonesia for the first global location.
Bali Indonesia is a huge tourist area and the population is 253,609,643 and it is continually to increase for the next 25 years. Based on the trend here in the United States it has shown great success and there nowhere else to go is up. You have to so a need for our product in Bali and make sure there is a supply and demand for U Drive Transport. This proposed research will show that there is a need for car sharing in Bali.
Marketing research is the process of planning, collecting and analyzing data relevant to a marketing decision. (Lamb et al., 2014)  This research would take about a month to conduct to make sure we are making the right decision about opening a company in Bali.
These are the following marketing research problems and opportunity questions for the following proposal:
1.     Is there a demand for U Drive Transport in Bali Indonesia?
2.     What would be our customer base for U drive Transport in Bali Indonesia?
3.     Are there any other companies in the area that provide the same service?
Secondary information originating within the company includes documents such as annual reports, reports to stockholders, product testing results perhaps made available to the new media and house periodicals composed by the company’s personnel for communication to employees, customer’s or others. (Lamb et al., 2014)  Then we will require outside secondary data from government agencies, trade association or other secondary data providers (Lamb et al., 2014)
Primary Data or information collected for the first time. (Lamb et al., 2014) There are several types of getting this information but the two methods that we will use in to getting this information would be Mall Intercept Interviews and Mail Surveys.
Mall intercept interview is conducted in the common area of a shopping mall or in a market research office within the mall. U drive Transport will rent out a space in the mall so they will be able to conduct the interviews. And we will have it set up as a computer-assisted self-interview. That means we will have a computer area set up so the personnel will be able to set at the computer and answer the questions by themselves. Once they are done the will call over the employee and the interview will be done. If they are full the employees will have another area to where they can also do Computer-assisted personal interview. This is where the employee will ask the questions and put the answers in the computer.
Mail Survey have several benefits; relatively low cost, elimination of interviewers and field supervisors, centralized control and actual or promised anonymity for respondents. (Lamb et al., 2014) The problem is with this is a lot of the people will not fill out the survey and send it back. A lot of people look at it as Junk mail and will just throw it away.
Collecting of the Data will happen within a wide variety of city centers in Bali Indonesia. If we go inside the malls so we can reach the target market that we are aiming for.
Once the month is done of the surveying we will analyze all the data to see if it will befit us to go to Bali.  We will get an outside source to put all the data together. We want it to be a one-way frequency table simply record the responses to the question. (Lamb et al., 2014) Really cut and dry will we befit going to Bali.
After data analysis has been completed, the researcher must prepare the report and communicate the conclusions and recommendations to management. (Lamb et al., 2014) We will have the group do a power point presentation and do an oral presentation to the top management.
Then final step is the Follow up. Once everything is said and done. Then management team will take all the information that we provided for them and they will make the final decision. If they need more information this is the time they will let it be known before they make the final decision.  
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