Sunday, May 29, 2016

Internship Management Report

Management Report

University Consulting is designed to provide services to their customers by guiding and assisting them in all areas of the University. The position of Lead Research Representative within the Sales and Marketing Department is being held by myself. This position requires the following duties to be performed:-
a.     Research a minimum of 20 small non-profit organizations in my country (Bermuda).
b.     Advise them of University Radio and Feed America (not applicable to Bermuda).
c.     Collect information of these organizations in a spreadsheet to include name, email address, telephone number.
d.     When/If the organization accepts, mail, fax or email welcome packets
e.     Update the weekly spreadsheets and send weekly updates to the Sales & Marketing Manager/Director.
f.      Coordinate with the Research Representatives to gather their feedback to reach weekly department goals.

Current workings
Currently working on reaching out to several more non-profit organizations and awaiting a response from them. Within the last two weeks have contacted a total of 71 non-profit organizations with 1 who has declined, 1 who has accepted and awaiting a response from 68. After 48-72 hours, we will than send a follow-up email to the 68 non-profit organizations that have not responded as yet.

Current Challenges
This week’s progress has been slow due to my location and University Radio being based in the USA. The local non-profit organizations do not feel that they will benefit from being offered free radio space as it is located in the USA. Advising the customer that this is an actual “link” that they can use on their social media networks and websites has become a bit of a tedious process convincing them. Noticing that the head of Advertising/Marketing department persons tend to be a bit elderly, therefore making it tougher for them to understand. If the radio station was based in Bermuda, the response rate would definitely be higher.

Addressing Challenges
            Addressing this challenge would be to contact someone at University Radio to get a better understanding of how this works. This was done last week but the person has directed me to someone else. One would need to get a better understanding of how University Radio would benefit the non-profit organizations located her in Bermuda. They would also need to know how their listeners will be able to hear the advertisements.

            Before being put in these types of positions, one should conduct a background check to see if the positon will benefit the person as well as the organization. Being put in a position knowing that the organizations will not be interested can be a waste of time and effort.

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