Saturday, May 21, 2016

Marketing Seminar Week 1 Alternate Assignment

Marketing Seminar Week 1 Alternate Assignment

Marketing is an all inclusive business discipline. Marketing has everything to do with business and business has everything to do with marketing. Psychology, sociology, economics, and marketing research are all major components of this course in marketing. There are four P’s in Marketing- Product, Place, Promotion, and Price. This is the marketing mix.
Research is important in writing. Paraphrasing and using direct quotes help support ideas through viable research. Educated guesses are important in education and the research either helps prove or disprove the idea.
            The best way to learn is through mistakes. In this marketing class, it is possible to get a perfect grade as long as all assignments are corrected and resubmitted by the last week. Marketing will aid in becoming the strongest business professional possible. Marketing is a part of every day in life.
            Marketing is a strategy that focuses mostly on making happy customers. The theme of the organization and the vision of the company is all part of the marketing strategy. The culture of an organization starts with the internal customer relations—how the company treats the employees. The company is constantly evolving and changing just like a living creature. Since the company is changing, it is important to recognize individuals for great performance and uniqueness. If leadership serves the employees in a great way, the front-line employees will serve the customer in a great way. When leadership makes employees smile, employees make customers smile. The customer comes first, not the board of directors or leadership team. Everything from the top to the bottom and from the right to the left must be customer focused.


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