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Practitioner Based Research Resources

Practitioner Based Research Resources

The management profit and loss statement is a key management tool for every organization regardless of industry, size, or business model.

Financial management systems are designed to measure and report business performance, but sadly, most systems fail to fully deliver on this promise. The result? An inability to effectively deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Download this White Paper now and learn how to improve:
  • Insight into organizational performance through a reliable and actionable P&L statement
  • Visibility into operational, competitive or strategic issues
  • Data integrity with a single source of truth for profit and loss information
Don't miss out on the proven strategies and best practices that you need to design a great management P&L report. One that establishes a common language throughout the organization and enables management to communicate their performance within the context of the business.

This white paper covers the types of ineffciencies caused by running disparate business solutions and systems for different departments.

This paper reviews numerous case studies of companies that switched from disparate software systems to an integrated software suite.

Integrated cloud business management software suites such as NetSuite are transforming how companies run, and enabling them to transcend growing pains that previously were holding them back from taking their business to the next level of profitable growth.

This report explores where and how marketing and HR leaders are collaborating on new ways to organizationally reinforce and reflect their brand values and qualities.
Organizations have long struggled to instill shared values, behaviors and ethics that embody and validate brand platforms, personalities and promises. A tighter linkage between the CMO and the CHRO should be strongly centered on organizational branding and creating cultures that radiate and reinforce core brand attributes and aspirations. Enabling platforms and solutions that leverage the reach and vibrancy of private and public social media networks can do much to engage employees and key stakeholders in a dynamic and directed process to express and underscore the essence of a brand and the culture of a company.
This report looks at social media strategies and techniques currently being embraced by leading consumer brands to recruit and retain Millennial workers, build customer-centric cultures, recognize and reward innovation and output, as well as “gamify” the workplace in order to drive productivity, performance and motivation.

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