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The Food Service Sector

 The Food Service Sector

The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes, Restaurants, Cruise lines, Hotels within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a several billion-dollar industry that mostly depends on availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such s a restaurant, hotel, or even a cruise line consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations, (server’s housekeepers, porter’s kitchen workers, bartenders, etc) management, marketing and human resources.

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The food industry, also known as the food service industry, consists of businesses that prepare food for customers. It is the largest segment of the hospitality industry in the US. It is estimated that the food service industry provides 50& of all meals eaten in the US today; with so many people eating out, many opportunities for food entrepreneurs exist. A business in this industry can range from casual to fancy, large to small, expensive to inexpensive, the number of people employed in food service industry is expected to double by 2015 to approximately 22 million people (Reynolds23)
Regardless of your definition of success, there are, enough common characteristics that are shared by successful business people.
Do what you enjoy; What you get out of your business is the form of a personal satisfaction. It is something that makes worth all the hard work to know you have what you have been working for which is your “own business” Doing what you love.
Plan everything; Planning every aspect of your business is defiantly a must. The act of business planning is so important because it requires you to analyze each situation. Research and compile data and make conclusions based mainly on the facts reviled. A business plan also serves a second function, which is having your goals and how you will achieve them, on paper you can use the plan that you create both as a map to take you from point A to Z and as a way to measure the success of each individual plan or segment within the plan.

Manage Money wisely; The main source of any business enterprise is cash flow. You need it to buy inventory, pay for services, promote and market your business, repair and replace tools and equipment and pay yourself so that you can continue to work.
[Heading 3]. I believe that all of these things have great growth, However Restaurants would be my 1st pick. The reason for this is people will always be traveling no matter where they go there will be restaurants. People love to travel. Weather it is from vacations, Retirement, Weddings, Ect. Restaurants are being built all over. Especially, when comes to fast food. With so many people always being in a rush or on the go you are see new chains popping up . New shopping center’s being built.
According to NPD Group. Consumer demands for meals and snacks prepared at restaurants is expected to rise slightly above 2011 levels in the coming year. And restaurants likely will feel he need t improve the health perceptions of their food

[Heading 5]  I think it is important for all restaurant’s, Weather be fast food or family setting to have a health menu. I feel that also is what will peak the growth as well. People in general need to eat healthier. You can only be so healthy with fast food. However, At a diner or sit down restaurant’s you certainly have your menu selection. I feel would be beneficial to have something that just for adults but defiantly for children so there is more of a variety for them. There is to much Obesity going on with children no a days and this would help them and parents to eat better.

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