Monday, May 2, 2016

Thoughts on Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain: The connected chain of all of the business entities both internal and external to the company that perform or support the logistics function.
Benefits of supply chain management
·      Supply Chain oriented companies commonly report:           
o   Lower inventory transportation warehousing an packaging cost
o   Greater supply chain flexibility
o   Improved customer service
o   Higher revenues
o   Increased performance and profitability
Supply chain integration
·      A systems approach were the overall performance of the chain is greater than the sum of its parts
·      Occurs when multiple functional areas coordinate business processes to seamlessly link to one another
Integral Integration
·      Occurs with a management orientation toward demand-supply integration
·      DSI is a philosophy that integrates the supply management and the demand generating functions in an organization
Supply Chain Integration
·      Relationship integration: The ability of two or more companies to develop social connections that serve to guide their interaction when working together
·      Measurement Integration: The performance assessment of the supply chain as a whole that also holds each individual  firm or business unit accountable for meeting its own coals
·      Technology and planning integration: The creation and maintenance of information technology systems that connect manager across and through the firms in the supply chain
·      Material and service supplier integration: Requires firms to link seamlessly to these outsiders that provide goods and services to them so that they can stream line processes and provide quality customer experiences
·      Customer integration: A competency that enables firms to offer long lasting distinctive value added offering to those customers who represent the greatest value to the firm or supply chain
Key Business Processes
·      Customer relationship management
·      Customer service management
·      Demand management
·      Order fulfillment
·      Manufacturing flow management
·      Supplier relationship management
·      Product development
·      Product development and commercialization
·      Returns management

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