Saturday, June 4, 2016

How to sell a Beverage List?

Beverage List


*Brandy, Cognac, Whiskey, Courvoisier, Hennessy, Jack Daniels, Remy Martin, Dreher, Mansion House, Patron, Vodka.

These are our top shelf spirits that I would like for our servers to highly promote.


We will offer a variety of red, white and champange. From sharaz, merlot, and caberenet sauvignon
to chardonnay, moscato, riesling. For champagne we will definitely offer prosseco, and moet, to korbel.


We have local beer companies that we will buy from like SweetWater, but we also will have
staples such as yuengling, Bud light, Samuel Adams, and Guinness.


Our cocktail list will include martinis, margaritas, to Long Island ice tea, mai tai and other fun and
festive drinks depending on the season and the current stock.

Selling Key Points

Selling approach would definitely involves tastings and pairings. So that the server has knowledge about it. Once the server is able to showcase a 2007 Saldo then they're able to give a description on what kind of aroma, tannin and acidity the wine has. This is key because this ability will help to suggest a wine for a guest who wants a specific dish.

Always offer the guest our specials, but never force them into buying it. We want them to feel as if they’re in control at all times. Remain friendly, and if you see someone drinking too much then you will kindly notify a manager while offering them a cab home.

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