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What are some Special White Wine Grape Varietals?

Discovering New Grape Varieties

While Informing The Golden Spur

As the chef at The Golden Spur it is my job to instruct the rest of the staff about new food and beverage products that we are going to start carrying.  The owner asked me to investigate some new varieties of grapes and to start thinking about carrying some wines that includes the. I will be discussing the different characteristics of the grapes including the aromas and places of origin.  What this means is, is what the grape tastes or what flavors the consumer thinks of, also where the grape comes from and how it started.  Next we will be discussing the types of wine these grapes can produce.

    The first grape I will be discussing is the Moschofilero, which is a very floral aromatic grape.  Most people say it tastes like roses but has a spice taste to the palate.  The grape itself is pink and turns to grayish color and has a low acidity level.  This grape selection is most commonly found in Peloponnese, Greece in the AOC Mantinia blend. It dates back to ancient days when Rome was present in Greece.  The style of wine that Moschofilero produces is perfect for appetizers or with food due to the low acidity.  The grapes that are grown in lower altitudes are usually used for sparkling wines.

    Grillo is a grape that grows in my favorite part of Italy, which is Sicily.  It is a green grape that depends on the hot dry landscape Sicily offers.  When the grape is left to hang it can produce a high alcohol content in each grape. This grape has hints of lemon and citrus and is most commonly used for Marsala wine, a staple for most Sicilians especially for their famous Tiramasu dessert. Grillo is still prevalent in Sicily and still used for expensive wines that in a very competitive market.

    Ugni Blanc originates in Tuscany, Italy but is now most commonly grown in regions of France, and Napa Valley.  Most people can taste a citrus or lemony aroma, an interesting fact is that most people can taste basil or balsamic flavor if it has been grown near the Mediterranean Sea. When the grape is grown in cooler areas it produces a white wine with very discrete aroma but still remains fruity and lively.

    Petit Manseng is very low quantity producing grape vine that produces a small acidic berrie.  This grape is usually left to shrivel which means that the water has evaporated and the sugar is more concentrated.  This makes for a very good dessert wine that is high in alcohol. This grape is most commonly found in France but can be grown great in California, it can produce a very high quality grape.

    These are a few grapes that many people do not know about and can almost be forgotten about.  We will be carrying some wines at the restaurant that will include some of these grapes, it is in every bodies best interest to identify and learn more about these grapes.  The more knowledgeable we are about these grapes the better we can sell our wine.


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