Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wine Menu Consultation

To: Night Winery Staff
From: John Upward
Re: New wine menu consultation & partnership

The owner of the soon to open new restaurant Knight Lyfe was seeking consultation from us at Night Winery to come up with a sample wine menu for the Knight Lyfe restaurant. The owner gave us a pricing range per glass/bottle to range between 6$-25$. The owner gave us descriptions of his food menu which consisted of grilled items, some Mediterranean/spicy dishes and a few of hearty/rich flavor dishes as well. This is a new request for us since we have not done menu consultations but as always we at Night Winery seek to uphold customer satisfaction no matter the task.
We gladly accepted this request through gathered research on our own winery knowledge and researching Knight Lyfe’s competitives prices as well, we came up with a sample menu for Knight Lyfe as a guide to the owner and of course upholding the owner’s request. We’d like to take the time to thank our staff for taking part in this project and through its success we now do wine menu consultation at Night Winery. Below is the sample menu for the entire staff to review and be aware of the addition to Night Winery. This sample can be printed out to use as an example to further customers that seek our help.
 As a reward for our great serves the owner of Knight Lyfe has partnered with Night Winery this means all wine orders will be made through us and all employees will receive 30% discounts to eat at the Knight Lyfe restaurant. We are excited to have partnered with Knight Lyfe and as our company continues to grow we’re gearing to gain more. Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make this possible.
Knight Lyfe Wine Menu Sample:
Dancing Bull Zinfandel(CA)
Red wine
Glass $5.00/Bottle $18.00    
Spicy, medium-bodied, with lively raspberry and black pepper. This versatile and approachable wine pairs well with marinara sauces and grilled foods.

Blackstone Merlot (CA)
Red wine
Glass: $7.00/Bottle: $25.00
Bold blackberry fruit with hints of vanilla describes this rich full bodied wine. The texture is ripe and soft in the mouth, with bright cherry fruit flavors and a soft, lingering finish.  Pairs well with grilled steaks, hearty lasagna, and baked salmon.
Mirassou Merlot(CA)
Red wine
Glass $6.00/Bottle $25.00 
Flavors of blackberry and plum, with hints of black cherry and spices, this wine offer a finish that is soft, fruity with considerable length. Pot roast with root vegetables is an excellent food pairing for this wine.

Bridlewood Pinot Noir Monterey(CA)
Vintage: 2010
Red wine
Glass $7.00/Bottle $25.00  
Fruity flavors of raspberry and dark cherry with hints of caramel and toffee. Framed by floral and black pepper notes, this wine has a smooth, lingering finish. It pairs well with grilled proteins such as salmon or tri-tip steak.

White wines:
Mirassou Chardonnay, (CA)   
White wine
Glass $6.00/Bottle $18.00 
Crisp and tropical fruits with a flavor of peach and melon, this is a medium bodied wine that gives a creamy mouth feel but has a pleasant finish. It pairs well with light or creamy fish dishes.

Beringer white zinfandel(CA)
Vintage: 2012
Rose & Blush Wine
White Zinfandel
Glass: $5.00/Bottle: $18.00
The grapes for Beringer’s Sparkling White Zinfandel are grown in vineyards in Napa Valley, California. It is known as “America’s favorite White Zinfandel” because this wine is fresh and delicious with berry-like fruit flavors and aromas of citrus and honeydew. It pairs well with spicy dishes.

BV Coastal Sauvignon Blanc (CA)
White wine
Glass: $6.00/Bottle: $22.00
Tropical fruit with green-apple flavor, hints of citrus and dried grass sums up this light-bodied white wine. It pairs well with simple grilled or sautéed shellfish.

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