Tuesday, August 23, 2016

About Finagle a Bagel

About Finagle a Bagel

Finagle a Bagel’s is a bagel manufacturer, retail bakery and cafĂ© in the city of downtown Boston. In the suburb part of Boston they have seventeen stores and wholesale business that deliver bagels to the hospitals, caterers, and universities. Finagle a Bagel has twenty to twenty-five million in revenue including wholesale and retail. They have a total of seventeen retail locations with three and fifty wholesale customers and four hundred and fifty employees. Their marketing mix consists of fresh food at a fair price which gets delivered every day from its many different avenues of distribution. They also distribute variety of bagels to local supermarket’s, this is how they get their business to grow. In total they have two hundred stores selling their bagels under their name which is a brilliant low budget way to market their product says Bob Novak, Director of Wholesale Operations. Another important factor of their marketing mix is the way that Finagle a Bagel has managed to stay in tune with the customers likes and dislikes by means of close customer relations, they know who wants what just by a customer entering the store or calling in an order. Finagle a Bagel really extends itself in all aspects of customer relations by being beneficial to the consumer as well as themselves. Even at retail level consumers receive benefits with a value point card which enables customers to receive things for free. The more money spent the more points earned. Finagle a Bagel feels that customers have but so much dining dollars to spend why nit spend it wisely. They are then afforded the opportunity to receive items from the menu. Finagle a Bagel has managed to fuse all of their marketing ploys in a way that isn’t at all overbearing to the consumers but in turn manages to give them a sense of appreciation and control. Demographics show that giving the consumers the power to personalize food items has proven itself over the years to be a success. Other things such as live family entertainment, and the free sampling of food can be beneficial to their success. Co. President Allen Litchman is in charge of the money and maintaining the high quality of the product that the consumer has become accustomed too without jeopardizing the risk of having to cut back on such things as, the customers rewards, or friendly family days which have become somewhat of an expectation to the surrounding communities. This is an example of forces from the marketing environment that can create beneficial opportunities if not managed correctly. Change in their marketing can be the very force that threatens the firm’s marketing strategy. It is my personal opinion that Finagle a Bagel has diligently and vigorously implemented the marketing concept which has been the key to their growth and development, says Allen Litchman and Laura Trust co. presidents of Finagle a Bagel. A great deal of success is attributed from Karen Robinson, the director of Marketing, Human Resources, Research and Development. Karen has been a part of Finagle a Bagel since 1985. Karen’s innovative ideas and marketing strategies have been able to overcome adversity, for example, in order to compensate for slacking wages during the lunch period Karen came up with an idea of handing out free sandwiches to drivers and passersby which included a coupon for another free sandwich, this is a suggestive way of marketing. This marketing strategy in return drew newly acquired consumer traffic into the stores and gave consumers a chance to see for themselves all of the things that Finagle a Bagel had to offer. According to Karen Robinson, the cost of this marketing strategy was no more than a hundred dollars. While on the other hand, the boost in retail sales, and word of mouth marketing was well worth it.

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