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Bauhaus Architectural Movement

Bauhaus Architecture

The Bauhaus Movement:

The history of architectural design has always been a fascinating subject to me. Until recently, I had never heard of the Bauhaus movement. I quickly learned that a man named Walter Gropius is said to be the one who is responsible for the Bauhaus movement. Walter Gropius started a school of art and architectural design, in Germany, named Bauhaus; a German expression that actually means “house for building.”. The Bauhaus style directly opposed the popular constructivist style, which placed focus on glass, steel, machine-made building parts, technological details, geometric shapes, and a sense of movement. The idea of Bauhaus design is meant to be more simple and functional.

Over the years, the Bauhaus style has adopted many different pieces from different cultures. It also does its best to use the surrounding environment in the decorating style. For example, the Brandenburger Hof, Berlin, Germany, has combined a “blend of Mediterranean and Asian touches” and the courtyard is “reminiscent of an Italian monastery” which “features a Japanese garden.” This shows that those who follow the Bauhaus style can be used and appreciated on a global scale.

Just like a lot of other architectural structures, the Bauhaus has influenced the way hotels design their lobbies. Some guests can be put off by a lot of extra bells and whistles that get in the way of the purpose for their visit. These guests prefer a more practical environment. Bauhaus buildings have flat roofs, smooth facades, and cubic shapes. The colors are white, gray, beige, or black. The floor plans are open, and the furniture is functional. While the hotel lobbies do not always keep with such few colors, they almost always keep with the open floor plan designs and the placement of functional furniture.

Travelers want to feel comfortable, and the Bauhaus method makes for a very comfortable environment. The lobby is the hotel’s first chance to impress the people who walk through the front doors. This makes the decorating style very important. The way a lobby is designed can give an individual a good feeling of the way the hotel feels about their guests. It can also give their guests a good indication of how their rooms will look. If a person does not find the lobby comfortable, they may assume that the rooms are just as uncomfortable.

For example, some people may find the style of constructivism cold and uninviting. In my opinion, metal and steel do not seem very comfortable. When I think of a room filled with metal and steel, I am reminded of a hospital room, interrogation room, or jail cell. Neither of these places is known for their high level of comfort. Whereas, the Bauhaus design style seems a lot more soothing, calm, and comfortable. The color choices, the functional furniture, the clean cubic shapes, and the spacious open floor design just seems a great deal more inviting to me.

Today, the Bauhaus style is more commonly referred to as International Style by Americans. After having learned about this design style, I will definitely be more aware of my surroundings in the future; this will allow me to compare my current surroundings to that of the Bauhaus design style. In my research, I was also able to learn more about other design styles. During my research process, I was also able to learn something new about myself. I learned just how important design style really is to me. I also know how strongly I feel about the appearance of a place. In the future, I will be able to use this new knowledge to assist me with my reservation choices. I might even go the hotel’s website and take the virtual tour before making any reservations. This will give me a good idea of what hotel’s design style matches my own preferences.

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