Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Charmin Toilet Paper Marketing Analysis

Charmin Toilet Paper Marketing Analysis

Charmin toilet paper uses all four marketing mix elements to promote their product. They do it by using marketing strategies to build loyalty with their customer. They use advertising to promote their product. Charmin also sells itself in the stores. You even see different ads in magazine or even when they are giving away coupons to promote their product. Charmin effectively uses direct marketing as well. Charmin has a website for their customers to visit and find out everything they need to know about Charmin. Charmin is every consistent about how they advertise and target the customer.

Well after looking at Charmin thoroughly, I know that it does well with the customer.

Because it has been around sense the 1900s. A lot of the customers prefer Charmin over any other toilet tissue because it is so soft and it works well when they are using it. My brand targets all ages of the customers and it has a good shelf live to it. No I would not change anything because it is targeting all of the customers that they need to target. The only thing that I would change is the price of the toilet tissue to maybe lower it a little so more of the customer would buy more of it then they do now. I think that they need to come out with a more different style of the packaging so they can get more customers. The bear thing is every nice but I think that they need to change it to something more coming out to getting more customer to buy the brand. I think that they need to put more rolls on it and a nice fragrant smell to it so when you are not using it that it smells up your bathroom in a very sweet smell. I also think that we need to change some of the brand so it helps customers that have problems after using the bathroom.

The kind of packaging used is wonderful. The only difference I would make would to make the packages hold a lot more toilet tissue in it then holding 24 rolls making them hold like 36 to 48 rolls in them instead of the 24 rolls. I would also like to change the packages to where they will hold a bigger roll then the mega roll. They would need to make the super mega roll. Yes there pricing is somewhat up with some of the competitions. I think that they need to bring the price down just a little and then they would sale more and make more money then what they are making, because right now there pricing is like 4.39 for a 24 roll pack of toilet tissue and the competition is around 3.45 for a 24 roll pack. Yes it is being sold at the right places. We are sailing Charmin in all of the grocery store and at the retail stores also. They are also at the right location in the store where everyone that is shopping there can find it and buy it.

I have nothing more to say about this brand. They have an awesome advertising team because they know where to go get attract their customers and they are sailing this brand at the right places because it they were not, then they would not still be in business making billions of dollars every year. This is a good product you need to come and try it.

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