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What is KapConsulting?

What is KapConsulting?

The role of a KapConsulting, LLC Human Resource Recruiter is fulfilling the requirements of the business by hiring and retaining KapConsulting student recruits.  The HR Recruiter’s path to success is to work closely with KapConsulting management to assist in developing recruiting documentation and streamlining the process of onboarding new student recruits.  The HR Recruiter position is challenging and fast paced, as there are many different facets to the job.  The Recruiter will send evites, emails, and call prospective interns to get them the information they need in order to make the decision to take the internship. The Recruiter will work with the prospective intern one on one to answer any questions. They are to complete any other HR Recruiting duties that are assigned to them by their Human Resource Management Team. 


Information Management, Planning, and Control in Business Environments

Evaluate the Information Management, Planning and Control in KapConsulitng, LLC. Human Resource Department:  The job of discovering and hiring people has traditionally been only a small part of the overall HR function.  This has been true in spite of the fact that the recruiting job has always been a central fixture of the HR program, and that the person who performs the process well must exhibit a great number and variety of skills, abilities, aptitudes, behaviors, knowledge -- must be competent in several areas of performance rivaling those of the HR generalist. It's about time that recruiters -- staffing professionals -- were given their due. (Beebee, 1996).  There has been a reorganization of the KapConsulting business as of March 8, 2016.  The HR Generalist and Recruiting departments have joined forces and merged.  It was recognized that HR and Business Process departments had to become one in order to make the organization stronger and more efficient. The use of Google Drive has enabled the organization to create a centralized repository for recruiting documentation.  This allows for everyone in the company to join forces in order to share and edit documentation as needed.  The utilization of Podio is a unique tool that offers the ability for students to pose questions and obtain information on recorded training sessions.      

Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings.
 The two department Vice Presidents are heading up the department merge.  The main focus is to allow for a smoother on-boarding process, develop more effective training processes and standardize the process of how each KapConsulting organization will work succinctly and seamlessly together. 
Working in a virtual environment, the importance of communication is stressed and is a very critical component to this type of working environment.  Another vital component to keeping with their role in this internship, is learning the art of time management.  Learning how to plan out their week out carefully in order to reach the required ten hours of internship, along with completing their weekly course requirements.

In a virtual business environment, there are important components that are needed in order to make the business a success.  The intern has to understand how the business works.  They have to learn the processes and procedures specific to their individual departments and to KapConsulting as a whole. 
·      It is observed that consistent and thorough communication with their peers and their management is key. 
·      Having a competent manager assigned to the intern is a critical component.  Without proper direction, the business will fail.  The Management must be available to the intern and if they can’t respond within the allotted 24 hour timeframe, it should be escalated up the ladder (i.e. Director, VP. Etc.)
·      Attending all mandatory meetings is vital to the intern’s success.  Although the intern has the ability to listen to the recorded meeting, it is to their advantage to attend the meeting live.  This enables them to ask questions and submit suggestions live. 
·      Making sure the intern clocks in for all internship work is important.  Since the policy is to have at least 10 hours logged in a week, this is a way to document your hours.  It is just as important to describe what they did during that time. 
·      Having a Weekly Activity Sheet prepared at the end of each week is also a key component to this virtual business as it shows your management exactly you have accomplished during that week.
Without these critical components, a virtual business setting cannot succeed.  These components help KapConsulting stay organized and keep the business on track.  What can be improved is the reliability of the timeclockfree app.  The phone app is convenient but is not reliable.  The website is faulty as well.  A new time clock application is recommended.

Assess the roles that structure, management, and leadership play in organizational performance.
As an intern in the HR Recruiting department, it is reinforced that the proper reporting structure is to be adhered to.  Andrew Sharp is the current Manager of HR Manager. 

The main goal of HR management is to accomplish smooth transition for students entering their internship, while reducing confusion as much as possible.  The HR Manager then reports to Anthony Vargas who is the current HR Director, Blake Townsend who is the current VP and Robert Castrowho is the head of KapConsulting. 

Evaluate career skills in the field of business and management
This week the interns began to develop and hone their career skill sets.  Working in a virtual business environment, it is important to keep in mind that even though we are not seen physically, we are heard.  The tone and delivery of the employee should be in a professional manner.  If they are presenting, they should be equipped with accompanying notes and their presentation should be rehearsed in advance.  Communication is key in this internship.  This was stressed to the recruits more than once during the course of the first week. 

  If the employee is holding a meeting from their home, they should make sure there are no background noises interfering their speech.  It is very distracting, let alone very unprofessional to hear babies crying and dogs barking in the background.  .  This displays unprofessionalism and can turn a person off to your presentation.  This can prove to be dangerous to ones career as their audience can easily lose their interest, thus ruining your credibility.  Making sure you pronounce a person’s name correctly is important, and if you are not secure with how to pronounce it, it is proper to apologize in advance for any errors.  Presentations must be clear and concise and names are to be checked to be spelled correctly. 
Know your audience. Your presentation must be geared to the rank/level of employees that will be your audience. If you are presenting to the Vice President, your content should be apropos to the Vice President.  The higher you present to within managerial rank, the higher level your presentation content must be.  Create an agenda.  The agenda is what you will refer to in order to keep the meeting running on target and on time”. 

            The cost to any organization can be harsh if one recruit’s the wrong candidate for a role.  It is imperative that the HR Recruiter does their due diligence in researching how important an employee’s success is for the company’s success. The costs to a company can be severe when "almost anyone" takes on the recruiters duties. This emphasis on the idea of its people being a company's greatest resource has -- at least in the literature -- never been more intense. And once a company begins to recognize the infinite value of its employees, it must also gain a greater appreciation of the staffing function and for the recruiting personnel who actually discover and hire those people who can make a company succeed (Beebee, 1996).


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