Thursday, October 6, 2016

Restaurant Service Skills

Restaurant Service Skills

What skills and knowledge would you have to teach a restaurant service employee so that they would measure up to the suggested customer service best practices?

The article that I chose was the article called, “A Chef At War…” This article is about the childhood obesity. This is a big problem all over the world, expecially in North America. The children are not eating what they should to be healthy and happy. This chef Daly is trying to break the epidemic, and get the children eating healthy.
Being a mom of a boy, I understand how important it is that my son get a good food and to get all the vegetables and fruits that his body needs. It is hard when your child is a picky eater and will only eat things that he or she likes. I have a cousin that would only eat mashed potatoes and peanut butter sandwiches. I am lucky that right now my son is not a picky eater, well I can’t say that because he will eat vegetables and fruits over meats, he will eat meat but he will eat the vegetables and fruits first and then eat the meat.
The knowledge I can push to restaurant service employees is to make the children menu at their restaurant have more vegetables and fruits on their menu. I know that if children have more of a selection of fruits and vegetables on the menus they will eat it more. But that is not the only thing that has to change. The parents of the children need to make sure that their children are eating the healthy things even though they don’t like it. Once this change happens it will benefit themselves and then eventually their children. Once we have healthy children now we will in the future.
This article, “A Chef At War…” is showing that someone does care about the childhood obesity problem. Chef Daly is making changes and saving lives, in his movement to change the eating habits of children. Having parents try to not make fast food a daily routine,  and eating more at home at the kitchen table. This will not only make healthy kids but happy kids because they feel loved and cared about.
Eating healthy at home will make children eat healthy at restaurants.

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