Thursday, March 30, 2017

Home Essentials Business Letter for Baby Gate Product

Home Essentials Business Letter for Baby Gate Product

To: CEO of Home Essentials
From: Ralphie Mophie, Marketing Manager
Subject: Baby gate/ Play area
Good afternoon, it has been brought to my attention that we are not seeing the sales we were expecting on the baby gate/ play area. The Baby products safety commission gave the gate a five star rating. We know that when the gate/play area is unlocked it can be free formed into any shape but once locked it stays in the shape that you locked it into.  I think the problem might be that once you lock it into to shape it might not be able to unlock it from that shape or the users have not figured out how to unlock the gate from the form.
I think we should start off by pulling the product out and testing out what it looks like when just in form and not locked. We need to see if it is sturdy, safe, and worth not locking it into the form. Figure out which form maximizes the gate/play area the best, to give the most useable room for the parent and the child. Once we have looked at every angle while unlock record what we find useful. Than lock it into place and see if it is sturdy, safe and easy to use locked. Can we move it around easily, with as little to no effort? Can we unlock the gate/play area to make new shape, take with us to the park or out of town? These things are factors that parents want to know about a product before they buy it.
See what kind of consumer reviews they are getting on this gate/play area. Ask people who are buying it why they purchased it and what they think could be changed. Make sure that all of our employees know everything we know about it to better assist in the sailing of the product. We could open a chat room or product response group to get feedback from consumers on the gate/play area so that we can try and solve the problem. If we find a design flaw we could offer suggestions to consumer on how to prevent them from being an issue once they have gotten the gate home. Possible it is that once you lock it you cannot change it, so instead of locking it into place just use it in free form so that you can keep using when and where ever you need.
We can post this on our site as well as a group chat the suggestion that we have. This will show our customers that we care about their needs and have listen to any and all complaints, sat down and trouble shooter to make a solution.
We sell the gate/play area for $100, we should check and see if this is as much as the competition or less than or more than. Price could be too high for many consumers with a new baby. If price is to low it might make it seem that the product is poorly made.  We want to be in the same price range as those around us selling it. We know that the product can be left unlock in free form and used in many ways. Once locked we are working on making sure that they can unlock and reshape.
We want to sell the product but we want to make sure we know everything about it as well. We will be taking it out and testing it out to see what it’s all about. This also allows the employees to be able to tell the customer all the great quality and flaws but what they can do to prevent those flaws from causing them to want to return or not buy the product. We also want to make sure that the product is placed in the right section of our stores.
I think we just need to fix it to where we can explain to the customers how to unlock the gate/play area so that if the need to take it on vacation they can. If we know everything about the gate/ play area this allows the consumer to know that we are there for them to ask any and all question. We will go out of our way to show them everything so that they will get all the benefits of the gate they are about to buy.
Thank you all for your time. Any questions or concerns please contact Ralphie Mophie at x123,

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