Thursday, March 2, 2017

Social Media Specialist Job Description

Job Title:
Social Media Specialist
Job Category:
Social Media
Position Type:
Date posted:

Reports to:
Social Media Manager
Position offered to:

Current Social Media Manager:


Job Description
Role and Responsibilities
Perform maintenance and management of assigned social media clients.  Complete assigned newsletter task, Communicate with team and clients,  attend team, department and all hands on deck meetings,  complete weekly performance reviews, manage personal time clock.  Complete special projects as assigned.
Key tasks and their purpose start with most important task
(please include a brief description if necessary):
Keeping Social Media Accounts up to date/post tracker - posting new ads and motivational/inspirational posts daily, help post on days that need it, like other posts, gain new followers, build accounts. Post tracker needs to be updated each week as well as add new organizations (Refrain from posting on social media accounts until further notice)
Communicate with the manager and team - Check in a few times each week to make sure they know what you are doing, how you are doing and if there are any assigned special tasks. Each week we receive ads from advertising, ensure that the ads for your client are up to date.
Newsletter- submit contribution/assignment by Tuesday at 11:59pm EST. 
Meetings- Attend All Hands On Deck, Communications Department and Social Media Department Meetings.  Attend all special meetings as required.
Timesheets- Ensure Work Performance Report is completed and turned in to manager by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.
Time Clocks- Keep track of hours.  Ensure proper operation of Time Clock. Submit Time Clock Correction for for all corrections to your manager on the day correction is identified.
Build and develop relationships with other interns outside the departments and within Department:
Qualifications (education, experience, training, and technical skills required for this position):
Have knowledge for posting on social media accounts, building relationships on accounts as well as with team, being able to step up and take charge. Some computer and phone skills needed.

      Strong understanding of social media (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn)
      Proficient in Microsoft applications
      Proficient in the use of Google Drive
      Organizational skills
      Detail orientated.
      Strong written skills and excellent grammar

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