Thursday, March 2, 2017

University Consulting Exit Strategy


University Consulting has undergone some very serious changes in regards to management and the future of the organization. The CEO Allison Trustworthy was laid off; the interim CEO Dr. John Upward has stepped in and made the decision to dissolve University Consulting and all of its assets. This exit strategy document will serve to give direction to all current directors and employees in the Communications Department. 


This policy applies to all interns, managers, directors, and vice presidents within the University Consulting Communications Department. Weekly evaluation progress will be conducted to determine if adjustments are required to maintain the needs of the stakeholders.


Week 5/6
o   Receive special assignment from CEO Dr. John Upward and start to flesh out what the dissolution of University Consulting looks like.
o   Start to identify and take inventory of all assets within University Consulting.
Week 7
o   Begin the process of documenting the scope of work and customer profile for all current clients that University Consulting services to include Media Consulting, Advertising, Social Media, The Careers Department, and University Wellness.
o   Prepare termination letters for all of University Consulting’s current clients, run these documents by CEO Dr. John Upward in order to approve.
o   Identify all employees who are in the course and create organizational chart.  
o   Prepare University Radio for CEO Dr. John Upward to preserve for the future of this program.
Week 8
o   Perform status update and check in on current team assignments.
o   Assign new work as needed in order to keep employees on track and able to perform their duties for 10 hours a week. These assignments include white papers, ted talk speeches, MEME’s, and market analysis.
o   Continue to help the management consulting team, business process team, and future planning teams with their necessary deliverables. Including preservation and documentation of all logins, passwords, process documents, and other shared folders.
Week 9
    • Perform status update and check in on current team assignments.
    • Prepare for the closure of all business departments and begin finalize all assignments and special projects.
    • Ensure all directors finalize their departments for dissolution and stress the importance of documentation of all shared folders to the necessary special projects teams.
Week 10
    • Request final approval on termination letter from CEO Dr. John Upward.
    • Hold final meeting to thank employees and interns for their hard work during the dissolution, invite CEO Dr. John Upward to say a few words.
    • Send out all termination letters.
    • Package and share any final documents for the internship and perform a final inventory of assets and documents.
o   Perform weekly temperature checks of each team and ensure confusion and stress is low and provide clarification when needed.
o   Ensure all Directors are expressing the same message to their teams in order to dissolve University Consulting the most efficiently as possible.


The above exit strategy is to serve as documentation of process and procedures that will be carried out in the dissolution of University Consulting’s Communications Department. This document will be “living” up until the last day of the term. Changes can and likely will be made. In closing, the interns that are serving in this final term will learn a great deal of what is means to dissolve an organization. The future of this program is being preserved by the interns and all of the work that is being done to close down the operations of University Consulting’s business.


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