Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We are constantly asking our customers if they are Ready, Willing & Able.   In yesterday's All Hands Meeting, I discussed the importance of why We as Real Estate Professionals need to be Ready, Willing & Able too.

Are you Ready, Willing & Able to sit in front of a computer and phones and start prospecting.  Are attitude determines how successful we are in prospecting.  Are you mentally Ready, are you Willing to communicate the right message and are you Able to answer responses properly.

Are you Ready, Willing & Able when out showing homes.  Are you Ready to properly address the positives in the home, are your Willing to "Ask for the Sale" and are you Able to negotiate on behalf of your customers.

Are you Ready, Willing & Able when accomplish the steps when under contract.  Are you Ready to follow through with the process and are your Willing to check all the boxes to get from point A to point B.   And are you Able to overcome hurdles during this process.

And Lastly, Are you Ready, Willing & Able to become their Realtor for Life after closing.   Be Ready to ask for a referral at the closing table, be Willing to extend your service beyond closing and be Able to start the process again

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