Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Real estate know your product

One of the primary responsibilities of a Realtor is to know their product.  The Realtors product are homes and properties.    With technology, one can view homes with a click of a button from the comfort of your home or on a smartphone or tablet.  Yet nothing compares with actually going to see the property in person.  It is the Feet-on-the-Street observations gained with experience.  Just doing a drive by tells volumes about the nature of the neighborhood and house. 

Another strong aspect of inventory knowledge involves prospecting for future business.  When viewing homes a professional Realtor can think of someone in their database who might be in the market to buy a home in that area or with those specifications.  Furthermore if you have past clients in the area it is a great "warm" call to pop by and touch base and gain opportunities in inquiring if they happen to know anyone in the market to buy or sell.

The actual knowledge of inventory keeps the agent current on the market and with comparables.  Professional Realtors upgrade their knowledge, skills and abilities to stay abreast of the market and industry changes when they have their Feet-on-the-Street.

There will always be business for Realtor's who are true neighborhood specialists and posses strong market expertise.


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