Thursday, May 25, 2017

Walmart Strategic Surveillance Control System

Strategic surveillance is designed to observe a broad range of events within and outside an organization that is likely to affect the track of your organization's strategy.Wal-Mart relies on strategic surveillance to track inventory from its suppliers to its warehouses, and then to its individual stores (Greenspan, 2017).  Walmart continues its surveillance by using removable tags on garments as well as tracking sales and avoids being out of stock of popular items.  It can assist Walmart in determining when a new order needs to be placed to keep particular products in stock and assist in determining which items may not be as popular as they initially expected.
By utilizing RFID technology to prevent theft by having the RFID tags determine whether it has been scanned for purchase or leaving the store without having been paid for.  I am not sure of the tech aspect of it but it would be beneficial in saving the company money by implementing an all in one tag already on the item, instead of having to add an additional tag like the plastic ones that release dye or rips the clothing when they are removed without the devices at the checkout counters or thesquare stickers that are placed inside most expensive electronic item boxes.  They would only have to tag once, instead of twice and word would get out that the tag is deactivated only once scanned lowering the amount of theft. 
A special alert control is the rapid reassessment of an organization's strategy due to the occurrence of an immediate, unforeseen event. Walmart uses special alert control to quickly modify their approach with unexpected scenarios (Adams, 2017).  When a natural disaster hits a community,  Walmart can choose to alter their business momentarily or even organize a donation fund for those affected.
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