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Running a Hotel Business

Being that a hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis, the plan in organizing the structure of the hotels that we now own will indeed be challenging.  Furthermore obtaining research on the brand name our location and how the community is as well as the traffic the hotels will become a total success.  Making sure that there are no competitors in the immediate area but as well being careful not to price ourselves out of the market is very important.  Following this further making sure that our staff is the friendliest people with very warm personalities and an outgoing attitude will be great for the business and for that we can successfully deal with customer queries, as well as any problems that might arise from staff members (
            Moreover running a hotel or numerous hotels is not an easy job, ensuring that your guest are happy, please and satisfied with their rooms, the appearance of the hotel the staff can sometimes make you or break you especially when the  business is just getting off the ground.   Having high scores and managing the property and bringing in different things that the customers will like to be a part of will bring about good word of mouth.  Opening the doors to the community and helping out and while doing all of these things will bring about customers sharing with family members and friends that they know of a great hotel that you would be very please staying at since they are coming through town.    Running a hotel business(s) by using set procedures, and systems and good old-fashioned hard work can lead to you and the property earning a good profit and salary. 
            Obtaining the education that is needed to run a business’s smoothly will also open doors for the things that you are trying to accomplish when trying to open a hotel.  There are many different positions that plays a part in making sure that the property is running properly, after doing research the many different positions fall up under these category’s, Owner, General manager, Housekeeping, Banquet Manager, Accountant, Human Resources, Concierge, Director of Hotel Sales etc.  All of the positions play a major part in the success of the business and without the people in these positions the hotel there lies some type of failure.  Below is an organizational chart that lists and breaks down some of the necessary leaderships and positions for the company.
Organizational Chart

            The chart above analyze the positions that are some of the main faces of the hotel and the ones that the customers sees when checking in reports to when there is a problems and for general questions. 
            Within the organizational chart and for the positions that are listed each position, these positions job requirements and education levels in order for them obtain the position that they currently hold are:
A hotel General Manager oversees all staff and is in charge of all hotel operations. She/he usually has each department head reporting to her, such as the heads of housekeeping, human resources, and accounting, plus the kitchen and front desk supervisors. The salary for a General Manager varies from state to state, within the most recent research I have found that the highest paying amount for a General Manager with the highest degree of Bachelors of Science in Hotel Management is in the range of $46,978 - $120,188.  The position for a Front Desk Supervisor with the highest degree of Bachelor’s Degree is in the range of $16,615 - $41,889, the position of a Front Desk Clerk with a Bachelor’s Degree is in the pay range of $15,692 - $30,536; the position for an Executive Housekeeper with a Bachelor’s Degree the pay rage is $21,279 - $58,971.  The position for an Assistant Housekeeper with a Bachelors of Arts in Hospitality Management is in the pay range of $ 18,293 - $55,236, the position for a housekeeper with an Associate’s Degree the pay range is of $15,726 - $37,785.  Following this further the research that has been completed for the positions that are listed above are all qualifications that are needed or required to obtain the job in the field of hospitality. 
            Additionally in the future for the employees that are employed at my establishment will have to go through test and more training to keep up with the high demand and all of the new changes that are required.  Assuredly each position within the hotel operations are equally important and that makes things run smoothly to know that everyone is being treated fairly and equal.  The importance of a Middle Manager and supervision is that they are the skin to the department heads, these positions are responsible for everything in between that the main managers may forget or ideas the General Managers haven’t thought of.  The middle manager and the supervision are the glue to help keeping the operations flowing smoothly without a doubt.   As stated before all positions are equally important, I must states the main positions that are vital to the lodging that will allow for great success will be all, all of the positions are needed to help make everything possible. 

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