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AT&T Corporate Strategy

AT&T Corporate Strategy

In 2014, AT&T was acknowledged by Gartner Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services. AT&T was recognized for being an excellent company to outsource with because of their ability as a mobile service provider to help manage risks and while promoting technical excellence in global work centers. AT&T is a global network provider that can provide a company new technologies that will help integrate their business on a global scale by enhancing the  communication, collaboration, and mobile data systems of a company.
Outsourcing can be beneficial for companies if it is used in the right way.  It keeps the costs down for the company and in some cases the consumers.  It offers individuals in other countries opportunities and employment.  AT&T is a company that is known for outsourcing and employing many individuals from other countries.  AT&T uses outsourcing for more than 60% of their employment, such as the call centers.  Most of the outsourcing goes to the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, El Salvador, and Mexico (CWA, 2017).
There are a lot of companies who choose to outsource activities and most of the ones that do use outsourcing to help reduce operational costs and place their focus on other important matters at hand for the business. AT&T is a company that decided to outsource their customer contact centers to different areas. Customer demand and flexibility was one of the reasons as to why AT&T decided to outsource. As a global operator, AT&T thinks globally, the closely monitors the global contact center environment looking for areas that may offer advantages to help service AT&T's diverse and geographically cosmopolitan client base (Moss, 2014).
Moss, L. (2014). Exclusive: For AT&T, Contact Center Outsourcing is All About Location. Retrieved from

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