Sunday, October 8, 2017

Employee Sexual Misconduct Reporting Obligations

Employee Sexual Misconduct Reporting Obligations

In order to enable the organizations ability to respond effectively and to prevent future instances of sexual misconduct, all company employees, (except confidential resources, which include Counseling Services, Health Services, and the Chaplain), who obtain or receive information regarding a possible violation of the companies Sexual Misconduct Policy must report that information to the Title IX Coordinator.  Student employees who receive such information in the course of their work position or duties also must report the information to the Title IX Coordinator.  Such a report should be made as soon as possible and should include all relevant details needed to assess the situation.  This includes, to the extent known, the names of the accused (if known), the individual alleged to have experienced the sexual misconduct, other individuals involved in the incident, as well as relevant facts, including the date, time, and location.  Employees who receive such reports should not attempt to “investigate” the allegation or require the alleged victim/reporting individual to provide all of the details surrounding the alleged misconduct.  To the extent the alleged victim/reporting individual provides detail, that information should be provided to the Title IX Coordinator.  Upon receiving a report of alleged or possible sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator will evaluate the information received and determine what further actions should be taken consistent with the complaint resolution process and the organizations Sexual Misconduct Policy. 

Sexual Harassment.

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