Saturday, October 28, 2017

Travel Concepts Journal

            I have learned so much through my travel classes. This should have been one of the first classes that I took but it ended up being my last. I think that since this was my last travel class that I really brought a lot to the discussions. I really enjoyed this class and when I thought I didn’t think that I would learn all that much from this class I really did. One of the things that I liked about the class is what I learned from personal experiences in the our weekly discussion questions. I also learned a lot in our cruises section and this is the unit that I think I enjoyed the best.
            Cruises is one of my favorite parts of the cruise industry so I found this a very important class for picking what I want to do when I graduate. Cruises is something that I am really interested in and also I think that it could be something that could bring me far in my own professional goals. This is something I know I could be really excited doing. Cruises is something that I have ha a lot of people say that it would be the perfect place for me so in the next few month I would differently be looking for a internship or a job in this industry.
            Another thing that I like is the personal experience that I take away from the professors of my travel classes. Most of them have on hand experience with the travel industry and know a lot about it. I think what other people experience is a asset as a travel student and I know this class is no different then my other classes I have learned so much from this class and it was my favorite class of this term.
            I am really excited about to take what I learned in this term and my others as well and really use what I have learned out in the real world. I am really sad that this term seemed to go the fasted and it was by far my favorite online class that I have taken so far.

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