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Wine List Wine List with Pricing

Wine List with Pricing

Sparkling Wines                                                                                  By the glass
Veuce-clicquot demi-sec, champagne,2001                                   $25
Country: France, region: champagne, varietal: sparkling
La Marca Prosecco, 2011                                                                    $13
Country: Italy, region: Veneto, varietal: proseco
Jaume serra cristalino cava brut, 2012                                              $5
Country: Spain, region: cava, varietal: sparkling
White wines
Sterling wine 2011 Sterling vintners collection                                 $5
Country: USA, region: California, Varietal: chardonnay
Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc 2013                                                   $8
Country: New Zealand, region: Marlboro, Varietal: sauvignon
Cakebread Napa valley chardonnay 2011                                          $20
Country; USA, region: California, varietal: chardonnay
Red wines
2009 Marques de Caseres Crianza                                                       $5
Country: Spain, region: Rioja ,varietal: tempranillo
Belle Glos Meiomi pinot noir 20012                                                    $10
Country: USA, region: California, Varietal: pinot noir
Caymus napa valley cabernet sauvignon                                             $25
Dessert wines
Bodegas Dios Baco cream sherry wines, 20012                                 $12
Klein Constantia vin de constansa dessert wine                                  $20
Country: Africa, region: South Africa, varietal: fortified
Roseblum cellars Zinfandel California desiree chocolate, 20013       $5
Country: USA, region: California San Luis, varietal: chardonnay

To: Mr. Williams
From: Dr. John Upward
Date: 12-10-2013
Subject: wine list and pricing
I have provided you with the wine list that you requested, and I also gave you prices for each of the wines by the glass. The way I figured out how much to charge for each glass was the following, I divided the bottle list price by the number of glasses I got per bottle; this determines the price of each glass. Usually you can get 6 glasses of wine out of a 750milliliter bottle, therefore I am pricing according to that factor. I chose to break down the wine list taking into consideration the size of our menu wine list.
Generally restaurants break down wine list in this fashion, small list break down into categories such as reds, whites, sparkling wines, blushes and desserts. Larger wine list May include sub-categories for country and region and/ or grape type, and if it is a really sophisticated list it often breaks down further into regions. Having wine in tour restaurant can take a good meal and heighten the enjoyment even further. This is why it is so very important to pair the right wine with the right food. Alcoholic beverages including wine can easily provide more profit than any item in your menu. The right pricing will maximize the sales and profits of your establishment, however you should price fairly by all industry standards. I hope that the information that I have presented, has been informative and that it is to your satisfaction, if you have any further concerns regarding this list feel free to call me, thank you.
References: www.snooth.com

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