Sunday, May 6, 2018

A taste of California Wine

 A taste of California Wine

When wine drinkers are seeking good quality wine, they look for reasonable pricing in these cash-strapped times. Wine pricing formulas require a few intangible factors. When serving wine in your establishment a lot of factors need to be considered, the kind of operation will you being running, the type of customers do you want to attract and how important is wine to you. The wine I chose for my list range from the region of Italy and they are California base wines. I personally enjoy California wine because of the quality of the grapes and the price is quite tasteful. 

            The purchase price of the bottle is what should be charged for a glass of that wine.  If the bottle price is more than what you want to charge your guests for one glass of wine, there is wiggle room, just get the price as close to the bottle price as possible. Multiply the glass price by 4, minus $1. ( Bottle price x 4 – 1=per glass) the price you end up with is what you will charge your customers for one bottle.

Fetzer-Mendocino, CA Pinot Grigio
Glass $6.75  Bottle $21
Angeline- Santa Rosa, CA Sauv Blanc
Glass $7.50 Bottle $24
Trinity Oaks- Helena, CA Chardonnay
Glass $6.25 Bottle $20
Sterling Vintner’s-Napa, CA Chardonnay
Glass $7.50 Bottle $24
 Snoqualmie- Columbia Valley, WA Riesling
Glass $7.50 Bottle $23

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