Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ethical Decision-Making

I choose this article about a model for ethical decision making in business: reasoning, intuition, and rational moral principles. Many facts from this article I choose that I heard many time from my professor, instructors, and social media. A person decides to do a group activity to study on the strategic decision making and got thirty-two people to participate included sixteen effective and sixteen non-effective thinkers. I like what they think with self-interest, rationally, honesty, and justice. Self-interest examples are hold yourself as the primary value and pursue values with a long-term approach, do not sacrifice your interests for others, choose your work based on what you love to do, pursue profits, adopt a long-term perspective (not profit by any means), and enjoy life (work and other values). Rationally examples are adhere to reality through observation and logic, decide based on facts versus emotions, do analysis before deciding, strive for objectivity: seek outside expert opinion, use diverse teams, “embrace skeptics”, check quality of information, and postpone decisions until the relevant information is in. Honesty examples are do not attempt to gain values by faking reality, do not cheat or pretend to try to gain a value, and be honest toward yourself as well as to others. Justice examples are judge people objectivity and grant them what they deserve, hire best people and reward them, provide honest criticism, terminate non-performers, the golden rule, and apply justice to yourself: be accountable for your actions and take deserved credits. These words are powerful and truth because they are based on my life’s actions to have a decision-making by moral principles.
Political is a great example for the president in our country must be careful with his poor leadership decision-making can impact on us to see how he decide and need to solve immediate. President of our country must set a best ethical behavior because he is the role for many of Americans could look up and says, I want to become like him. Social is part of the society that we should decide that can impact on social because people decided on social media whether followers will follow you or disagree with you. Cultural can be tricky because you should be careful with your poor leadership decision-making applied with the situation with cultural behavior or discrimination. Ethical behavior is what you show to everyone that will see your ethical decision and part of your characteristic. “The effective functioning of social system ranging in size from the local PTA to the United States of America is assumed to be dependent on the quality of their leadership” (Vroom & Yetton, 1973, p.3).
Pressure from management, ambition and discrimination, and negotiation tactics from another article I choose. “According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, dilemmas are situations or problems where a person has to make a difficult choice; an ethical dilemma is a problem where a person has to choose between a moral and an immoral act. Employees must deal with pressures to perform and help the company succeed as well as personal temptations to take the easy way out. In the end, workers will likely face many dilemmas in their careers; companies should provide training and information to assist them in making the right decision” (Mann, Diversity is most common that the workplace must handle but most of employees are not comfortable with different background and it put an ethical dilemma for the company have to solve. I think a best way to have a training for the culture because everyone comes to this country with their different backgrounds. I enjoy meeting people at the workplace because they are interesting people which I don’t understand why other employees dislike them.
The reason I choose this article because I agree with their model is related with moral principle because that’s how we raised from our parents, teachers, grandparents, or someone who we look up teaches us from right and wrong, how to behave, how to be honest, and respect for others. That applied to the workplace and we set the good example to be effective for the company who we work for. I believe that a team player is best example for now because I am currently working and show how I can be with honest, reliable, good work ethic, and be happy. “These ethical dilemmas can be difficult for workers to grapple with, especially if they don't know what the company's official guidelines are. Therefore, it is in an organization's best interest to provide ethical training to its employees, to help them identify unethical behavior and give them tools with which to comply” (Mann,

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