Monday, August 13, 2018

Sonic Restaurant

Sonic started as a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is an organization that is owned and managed by one person. That one person was Troy N Smith Sr. the founder of Sonic. The business success grew so it evolved into a partnership. When two or more people legally agree to become co-owners of a business the organization is called a partnership. A partnership helped sonic grow because two is people working together. The more financial resources make an organization much more stable. The shared management gives shared responsibilities and a much more well-rounded business. Along with adding the skills of both owners a general partnership would cause for longer survival. Later Sonic grew even greater into a Corporation. A corporation is a legal entity with authority to act and have liability separate from the owner. The advantages of corporations more money investment, limited liability, size perpetual life, ease of ownership, ease of drawing talented employees, separation of ownership from management. I believe that Sonic would not have survived had it stayed a sole proprietorship it would have had no room to grow and might have been successful locally but would not have grown any more. 
            In my opinion Sonic has a few things that set them apart from other drive in restaurants. The ability to put in your order over a radio so the customers doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their car. Next trait that sets Sonic apart from other drive in restaurants is its employees. They ride roller blades will bringing the customers their food. This style of customer service is unique and makes Sonic stand out.

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