Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What is My Why?

What is my “why”? What makes me tick? Simon Simek talks at length in his TED Talks video about a person’s “why” (YouTube 2017). What motivates and drives people? From an early age, it was instilled in me to leave something better than I found it. This level of respect includes physical space as well as interactions with people. This no doubt helped contribute to my personal and professional philosophy.
            My professional philosophy is to help make the world a better place. Yes, I know that sounds like cheesy pageant talk, but it is true. In many positions I have had a great impact on changes within the organization. As I continue to learn and be meant toward by seasoned professionals, my practices continue to evolve. In the past I had been very intimidated by those with in a higher level leadership position. In my current position, I have had no choice but to overcome that fear and hesitation.
            In many ways, I am a transformational type of leader. I continue to evolve and change based on many factors. Many instances and interactions may vary on how I approach the leaders within their respective organizations. The transformational leadership approach also takes into account both the leader and follower need level and how their needs play off of each other. Having assessed the followers need level, the leader can encourage the growth of the followers and stresses the importance of morals and values (Northouse, 2016, pp. 177).
            Recently, I worked with an actor that was in Mr. Deeds, starring Adam Sandler. It happened to be on T. V. so I turned it on to watch the actors’ performance. At the end of the movie, Adam Sandler’s character asks the audience of stakeholders in his company, what they wanted to be when growing up. Many of those in the audience stood up and blurted out what they had once aspired to be as children and then what they currently do. Many of those realized that they had deviated from what they had planned to be while growing up. While things change and people grow up, there is still an underlying root that drives you. Sometimes you take another path from your wants passion. Sometimes it takes one person to help re-ignite that stagnant drive for successful. I like to find why motivates others-to find their why-and help them apply that to their professional life.
            In my current position, it is sometimes difficult to establish long-term goals within the organization. As a contractor, we are always subject to funding. My goal is to continue to evolve how my program looks with in the state and show that it is a continued need and benefit to not only the population we serve but also to other organizations for further development of programming.
            I see myself staying with the organization for at least another year possibly two. At that point I hope to have created enough contacts and networks to help further my passion through my talents and acquired knowledge, of being an actor and producer. I know I’m already doing mini production role tasking‘s in addition to my money making job. I hope to be able to make the acting and production, my main form of work and money making within the next 10 years.
            As for the decision making and leadership planning exercise, I feel that it’s just a further extension on where I want to be and the steps I need to take to get there. Every exercise and discussion allows me to continually consider other processes and broadens my scope of leadership methods and decision-making.


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