Thursday, November 22, 2018

Academic Writing For Business

  Writing is a form of communication with some specific strengths and some specific weaknesses.  The entire process can be divided into a number of subset sections.  For example, Expository Writing is comprised of fact.  Descritptive Writing utilizes rich description. Persuaive Writing attempts to make a particular cae for something and bring the reader to the writer's point of view.  While Narrative Writing tells a story (Traffis). Academic Writing (AW) which we will be using in this class is an example of Expository Writing.
     AW is fact-based and characterized by 1) use of the third-person pronouns as the author's opinion doesn't occupy a central position in information. 2) It is characterized by facts.  Again, opinion, conjecture, musings of various sorts may be well and in good in other types of writing but not here.  3) Documentation.  In academic writing, the idea is not to have the reader take the author's word for something but rather to be able to follow the writer's logic and follow the documentation in the bibliography back to the source of the witer's facts.  This allows the reader to agree, disagree, and learn from the author's logic analysis.
     Opinion of the author is the core and expectation in the journalist product known as Op-Ed or Opinion-Editorial.  Reporting the news is one thing.  Providing one's opinion, informed, logical, or otherwise is something different.
     The fantasy of the author is the core and expectation in writing known as a novel.  A novel is a story told by the author.  There is no right or wrong and any facts used and how they are used by the author are at his/her discretion to support the development of the story.
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