Wednesday, December 12, 2018

core competencies for competitive advantage

I find that three of my core competencies are reliability of our products, low and high end products, and customer satisfaction.  Based on the reports that are generated, the products that we offer in both the low and high end are the top of the list when it comes to reliability, having products that are trusted and dependable is our top competency. Our second core competency is offering products that meet both low end and high end tech requirements. Being able to reach a multitude of consumers and giving them the best product to meet their needs. The third is customer satisfaction.  Our high end is the top of the line in customer satisfaction and our low end is moving towards the top.  This goes back to having reliable products increases the satisfaction of our customers.

My competitive advantages is that I offer products that meet and in most cases exceed the requirements demands of the consumer. We focus on reliability so the consumer can count on their product working when they need it. We also offer a product for both high end and low end tech user this allows us to get our products in to more hands and when the customer may need a high or low end product they will be able to look towards a brand that they know and trust.

The positioning strategy for my company will be to increase the marketing efforts in order to get more of our products into the hands of the customer.  With the customer satisfaction that we have received, the more our product is out the more the brand will be known.  Focus should be placed on what we are doing well and that is creating reliable products.  We also need to try and minimize the cost of labor in order to bring down the cost of the product so we can be more competitive.  If we can offer a better product that is consistent with the market value of other brands then we can become the leader in tech sales.

Utilizing the positioning strategy we can increase the value of our shares as well as the revenue that will be generated from our company.  We have proven that we are making quality products however we are not selling as many to continue building at the rate that we have. Launching a new marketing campaign with increased funds should assist the company in drawing in new customers. As after all the customer that is satisfied id the best advertisement.  Our competitive advantage and core competencies are focused around reliable products and customer satisfaction.


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