Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Same-Sex Education

Not surprisingly, same-sex education has been a controversial issue in many countries throughout the world for quite some time. A great resource that cover the history of same-sex education that caught my interest include the following:

Sharpe, W. (2018). Single-gender classes: Are they better? Retrieved from:

This article provides a brief historical perspective on the same-sex education issue in the United States of America. The article delves into the stereotypical social consequences of gender-based learning, weighing the pros and cons of the issue. The pros definitely outweigh the cons as presented in this article, including:

·      Some single-sex classes have shown significant improvements, particularly in areas like stem and mathematics.
·      Building comradery amongst individuals of the same sex is easier.
·      Some programmatic dropout rates have decreased significantly resulting from positive social constructs.
·      Generally, increases student success rates and levels of confidence.
·      Creates a less distracting environment between genders.

 Some of the cons noted include:

·      Not all single-sex classes have shown significant improvements.
·      Cliques are easily formed in single-sex classes, which could result in negative or positive social structures that impact productivity.
·      It’s critical to have the right person teaching either gender. Gender preference can become a bias and therefore result in unfair teaching practices.

I think the most important lesson learned from this article is regarding the social constructs and integration between individuals of the same gender must be positive and targeted. Overall, it is my personal opinion and goal to treat every individual with the same level of professionalism, coaching, and leadership, no matter the gender.

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