Friday, December 21, 2018

The importance of academic writing in business

Writing well is the most important skill for graduate student, because it enables them to express their views, and increase the importance of writing skills when you need to support your ideas or writing a thesis in an excellent academic way. Nevertheless, academic writing skills and requirements are varied in terms of importance. Taking others writing ideas and information then using them in your work, without referring to them in accepting manner, is one of the most important requirements of right research (Bailey, 2006). Moreover, clarified the purpose of writing is another most important requirement for good academic writing (Howard, 2014).
            “Plagiarism is using somebody else’s ideas, research or written work without saying where it comes from” (Swain, 2012, p. 1), in the internet era plagiarism being easier than ever, that pushing to invest in plagiarism detection software. Criticize others ideas or writing is acceptable if writer referred to them properly (Howard, 2014). In academic writing, taking others writing is misconduct and lead to legal sanction. So, the most important characteristic of a good researcher is acknowledging his sources.
            Writing for entertaining, definitely different than writing for persuasion, therefore, every writer should clarify the purpose of his writing before starting write, ask yourself what is my purpose hop to accomplish with the text? The reasons of writing are diverse, from writing to inform, to express your feelings or beliefs, to entertain or persuade (Howard, 2014). Determine the purpose of writing prior to the start very important factor for writing and research especially for academic writing.


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