Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Competency of Decision-Making

 One of the  most important things in business is your competency of decision-making which I believe plays an integral role throughout the strategic planning and the short-term business planning of an organization. I agree with your point that decision-making would mean to take responsibility and demonstrating an excellent commitment towards organizational means and approaches in a timely manner. The decision-making process is cumbersome and time-consuming but the overall output is beneficial for the organization as it impacts the organizational directives, policies, critical thinking, and overall rules and regulations. Using SWOT as the positioning strategy is an interesting choice because this helps to collaborate with the core competencies and create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization. This means that every organization must design a distinctive proposition of value in order to stay ahead of the game and respond to business competitors.

Customers tend to improve on the product purchases when they are offered better price and good product quality. This leads to a competitive business advantage because an organization tends to outperform when the customer is satisfied. I believe your core competencies focus on the same facts because as you suggested that your core competency relies on customer services, quality, and value which relates to my perspective as well. They tend to value high quality product and the low quality products do not reap the same results and outcomes as the product which satisfies the customers.  I believe that you shouldn’t have upped the price to compensate the revenue lost as this is a major risk that can lead to losing your customer base. Tailoring your products to meet the specific needs and demands of the customer is an excellent approach and brings you one step ahead in the game.

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