Monday, February 4, 2019

Database Technology at ASOS

 ASOS is an online fashion retailer based in London with around 15.4million customers. The online based company is on a mission to lead in the sales of fashion products globally. To achieve its online efforts, ASOS uses Microsoft Azure Database, a database that supports innovations such as the real-time recommendation of fashion products and instant updates of orders for ASOS’s 15.4 million customers. The company had the aim of providing its customers with a more personalized shopping experience and speedy order updates, especially during the busiest shopping days. So, the company chose Microsoft Azure Cosmos Database to make this transition possible.
             ASOS's decision to change and upgrade its technology and its choice of Microsoft's Azure Cosmos Database has great benefits that come with it, and the great beneficiary here is ASOS Company and its customers.  ASOS with the help of Microsoft Azure Cosmos Database can analyze large amounts of data of different products and come up with a customer recommendation that is based on product relevance to each customer and this it does within milliseconds. Customers of ASOS will be provided a delightful discovery and great shopping, and this is a good thing for both ASOS and its customers as the customers get to find and buy the products, they want from ASOS.
            ASOS’s decision to choose Microsoft Azure Cosmos Database has no downsides as Azure’s Database technology works perfectly especially during the busiest shopping days. ASOS is undoubtedly benefiting from this new Database technology. ASOS should embrace and capitalize on the online recommendations service whereby recommendations on products are generated in real time as customers browse through a variety of products. Microsoft Azure Cosmos database which is a cloud-based technology can handle online recommendation services effectively even when there is high traffic to online users.
As a business manager, I would go the ASOS's way of upgrading my database technology and chose a company like Microsoft Azure Cosmos Database. If I were managing an online retail company, I would focus on online recommendation services with the aim of improving my customer's shopping experience. This, in turn, would increase my sales hence more profit.

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