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Motorola is a reputed smartphone brand

Companies who most successfully utilize the project management "way-of-working" have a combined focus on identifying their products' lifecycle (the most optimum procedures to take product or services to market), developing their knowledge/competency (how to best implement these procedures) and have the support of the organization towards a project management "way-of-working". Superior performance is reflected by companies who actively demonstrate the effect of this focus through "the behaviors" of the entire workforce that can be measured.
There is an unmistakable trend in the move of the world's best companies towards adopting project management as a "way of working" rather than simply a methodology or toolset. Project management is also a key enabler with which companies adopting business improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma or lean manufacturing improve their efficiency and competitiveness. In fact, a robust project management core competency is a necessary condition for a company to maximize the effect of these methodologies.
Rapid Application Development increases quality through the involvement of the user in the analysis and design stages. Some systems also deliver advantages of interoperability, extensibility, and portability.
Motorola is a reputed smartphone brand which is now under Lenovo. Motorola is one of the very few companies that offer near stock Android experience and are always ahead in software updates. They have many smartphones in different price segments. 
Anthony, E. (2007). Development of project management systems. Industrial and Commercial Training, 39(2), 85-90.

IT strategies enhance the value of the firm

IT strategies enhance the value of the firm and the efficiency of its processes. I have encountered a number of real-time examples where the companies have gained a competitive edge over others by aligning their IT strategies with business objectives. For example, McDonalds’ business objectives are to increase its market share, attract more customers, and increase sales. It has aligned its IT strategy with the business objectives by introducing Gamification strategy. As per this strategy, McDonald's installed interactive digital billboards on the busy squares. The customers could participate in the game displayed on the billboard by getting connected through the Bluetooth devices of their smartphones. McDonald's experienced a 30% increase in the profits. It’s market share expanded by 40% (Boykiv, 2015).
Boykiv, Y. (2015, November 23). How Gamification Can Drive Customer Loyalty and Sales. Retrieved March 29, 2019, from Inc:

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system development cycle

It is a structured framework includes sequential processes that develop information systems. The agile model for SDLC is a more modular and flexible approach. Agile approaches software development in incremental cycles, called sprints. Each sprint is iterative, and code is designed to be modular. An effective (SDLC) system development cycle should result in a high - quality system, which meets customer expectations, completes timely and cost - effective evaluations, and work in the current and planned IT infrastructure effectively and efficiently.
The System Development Life Cycle is a conceptual model that covers policies and procedures for the development or alteration of systems throughout their life cycles.
On the exam, SDLC focuses on security in every phase. This model is broader than many application development models, focusing on the entire system, from selection/development, through operational requirements, to secure disposal. There are many variants of the SDLC, but most follow (or are based on) the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SDLC process.
In contrast, the agile model for SDLC is a more modular and flexible approach. Agile approaches software development in incremental cycles, called sprints. Each sprint is iterative, and code is designed to be modular.

Eliason, A. L. (1990). Systems development: analysis, design, and implementation. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman/Little, Brown Higher Education.
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Important points about the alignment of IT with the business objectives

 There are some important points about the alignment of IT with the business objectives. No doubt, integration of IT with the business processes increases their effectiveness and reduce down the cost, which was other incurred due to reworks and production faults. I also second your opinion that external factors significantly impact the integration of IT strategies with business objectives. If the suppliers don’t have the IT system, the company can’t implement the IT strategies in achieving its procurement operations. Without the commitment of top management, the IT strategies can’t be aligned with the business objectives (Alzayed & Alragga, 2014).
 Alzayed, A., & Alraggas, B. (2014). The alignment of information technology and business strategy in the Kuwaiti companies. International Journal of Computer Applications, 101(7).

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Boise Cascade Corporation Alternative Systems Development Method

Actually, in today's generation being a business world, time is a very crucial resource which needs to be utilized and well managed. Hence the need for systems development and project management. The right system applied by an organization will enable appropriate management with impressive information to meet the client needs. Such a system methodology enables the company to stay competitive. 

A formal framework that is designed to plan and generate a technology or system is considered as system development. Every professional organization goes through the stages that are very demanding to provide the output of a brand. Below we'll be discussing the real case of Boise Cascade Corp. who opted for Alternative Systems Development method.
Implemented Method
Boise Cascade initiated a project of product distribution business to unify their databases. The method used for this project has a solid base on which top level users build application and services are providing flexible results. 
Effect of Business Factors
The chosen company's revenue was going down by 5%.  Boise Cascade Corp. was having a rough year in terms of business. But, with strategic IT projects, Boise Cascade will stand out and identify itself in the business terms. The company is convincing that their IT projects will help them increase efficiency and responsiveness.  
Discussion on Authenticity of the Decision
The Boise Cascade's decision is overwhelming, and their IT turnover has reduced to 3% only. This is a 5-year scenario. They implemented e-commerce system to prove customers with access to their products and delivery systems. A healthy decision for better customer approach.

Possible Better Approach
The chosen system is ideal for the company. Boise Cascade clearly understands the important role that IT has to play in achievement of any goals of any organization. They also have a strong perspective on how to manage its personnel.  

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Poor communication hurts strategy

Poor communication is considered the most stumbling block of this alignment. In fact, business users and the IT department often approach problems from different viewpoints. The business users focus on the business results while IT focuses on the technology. This creates misunderstanding and lead to misalignment that definitely impacts the strategy of the organization.
There are many benefits on aligning IT with business, as using IT significantly helps business remain competitive. The competitiveness can be achieved by being faster time-to-market, increased profitability, better customer experience, improved collaboration, greater industry and IT agility and strategic technological transformation. It also helps focus the organization on business objectives. In addition, it maximizes the value from limited resources for long term success.
Grassroots IT. (2019). Retrieved from Grassroots IT:
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Role of IT in supply chain operation of IKEA

I believe role of IT in supply chain operation of IKEA is more critical than its e-commerce platform. The company handles millions of products globally and it’s just couldn’t be possible with aligning IT strategies with the business requirement. The exchange of information under complete supply chain management umbrella and IKEA’s supply chain partners would require to effectively manage and enhance the business outcomes. A fragile IT alignment would mean delayed procurement, decrease in the manufacturing efficiency, uncontrolled inventory, and dissatisfied customer base who couldn’t get their hands on desired items in timely fashion.   
Dehning, B., Richardson, V. J., Zmud, R. W., (2007). The financial performance effects of IT-based supply chain management systems in manufacturing firms. Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 806-824.

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Hotel Contract Signature Page


18.1     Entire Agreement: This Agreement and any Exhibits hereto contain the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior and contemporaneous agreements, arrangements, negotiations and understandings between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof.  There are no other understandings, statements, or promises of inducement, oral or otherwise, contrary to the terms of this Agreement.  Exhibits to the Agreement are an integral part of this Agreement and will be deemed incorporated into this Agreement.

18.2     Waiver: The waiver by either party of a breach by the other of any provision of this Agreement shall in no way be construed as a waiver of any succeeding breach of such provision or a waiver of the provision itself.  No waiver of any provision of this Agreement, whether by conduct or otherwise, in any one or more instance, shall constitute a waiver of any other provision, nor shall such waiver constitute a continuing waiver, and no waiver shall be binding unless executed in writing.

18.3     Proper Execution: This Agreement is not valid until executed by authorized individuals of both the Hotel and Group.  The undersigned agree and warrant that they are authorized to sign and enter into this Agreement on behalf of the party for which they sign.

18.4     Assignment - This Agreement may not be assigned or transferred to a third party by either party without the written consent of the other party.

18.5     Scanned or Facsimile Copies: If either party uses a scanned or facsimile transmittal, that copy shall be deemed to be an original.  

18.6     Notice: Any communication required or desired to be given under this Agreement must be written and (i) delivered personally, (ii) sent via overnight delivery service (e.g. FedEX or UPS), or (iii) mailed by certified or registered mail, addressed to the party at the address set forth in the beginning of this Agreement.  Either party may change its address, for purposes of this Agreement, by sending notice to the other party according to this paragraph.

18.7     Authorized Representatives: All references herein to the Group include specifically authorized representatives.  In addition to the person(s) named with respect to IEEE in Section 18.6, the Group will provide a list to the Hotel of those persons authorized to act on their behalf.  The Hotel should not accept instructions from any other persons.

18.8     Headings: Article and Section headings contained in this Agreement are inserted for convenience of reference only and shall not be deemed to be part of this Agreement for any purpose or in any way define or affect the meaning, construction or scope of any of the provisions hereof.

18.9     Invalidity: If any provision of this Agreement is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

18.10    Confidentiality: The content of this Agreement may not be disclosed to any party not previously authorized to discuss these contents by Group and the Hotel.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the day first above written.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics                 Legal Name of Hotel
Engineers, Incorporated

_________________________________                  ____________________________________
IEEE Authorized Signature                                        Authorized Signature

_________________________________                  ____________________________________
Name                                                                          Name

_________________________________                  ____________________________________
Title                                                                            Title

A.  Food and Beverage Price List
B.  Schedule of Events
C.  Meeting Room Floor Plans

Perspectives on Accenture and Intel

I analyzed Accenture and Intel made me realize how similar IT alignment was by both industry giants. Both companies are Fortune 500 firms which redefined their business models on IT and experienced mammoth growth and success in last couple of decades. Another possible explanation of their significant growth could be development of digital age itself which benefited technology-conscious companies alike. Whatever it is, it’s clear that IT strategy alignment could highly benefit companies who show potential to grow at a large scale and take over the world with innovation and excellence. 
Berisha-Shaqiri, A., (2015). Impact of Information Technology and Internet in Businesses. Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences, vol. 1, no. 1.

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IT and Business Goals

According to Strassmann (1998), the following are critical success factors for aligning IT with business goals:
1. Alignment Must Show Enhancements to a Business Plan
2. Alignment Must Remain Updated as the Business Evolves
3. Alignment Must Overcome Obstacles to its Purposes
4. Alignment Must Overcome Obstacles to its Purposes
5. Alignment Must Relate to Benefits.
To achieve alignment, one must first identify the sources of misalignment. If profitability or performance does not meet expectations, there must be denumerable reasons why this is so.
Strassmann, Paul A. (1998), “What is Alignment? Alignment is The Delivery of the Required Results” The Squandered Computer, Cutter IT Journal, August 1998.

Hotel Contract Claims And Disputes and Arbitration

Claims And Disputes/Arbitration

17.1     In the event of any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach, termination or validity of it, the parties shall first attempt to resolve the matter over a period of at least 30 days before resorting to arbitration as described in Section 17.2 except that equitable remedies may be sought immediately.


17.2   Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.  Each party shall be responsible for their own attorney fees.

17.3        The law of the state in which the Hotel is located shall be the governing law, without regard to such jurisdiction’s conflict of law principles.

 If holding a meeting outside of North America, use the following:
The parties agree that all disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, governed by New York State law by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules.  All pleadings will be in English and the arbitrator will be admitted to practice law in at least one of the States in the United States.

Importance of Training in Strategy

The introduction of effective training programs for both the management and employees can help in the improvement of operational efficiency through minimizing costs and optimizing the output quality (Lauterbach & Bonim, 2016). Leaders should also develop a shared culture of upholding ethical practices and pursuing continuous performance improvements to align IT strategies with business goals. In such cases, they can empower each other to adopt the best practices in IT. In addition, regular communication of business and IT objectives to employees at all levels helps in aligning daily tasks with anticipated achievements.
Lauterbach, B. A., & Bonim, A. (2016). Artificial intelligence: A strategic business and governance imperative. NACD

IT Business Objectives

IT strategies with business objectives and allow to add that any IT and business alignment strategy in organizations is to optimize returns to the business from IT investments. In organizations, the process of aligning business strategies requires a support of senior IT management. However, the support can only be obtained by adopting key performance indicators (KPIs) based on both IT and business processes driven by a standard framework (Luftman, 2000). Ideally, the standards are used to define indicators for a specific IT process, resources, and the critical success factors.
Luftman, J. (2000). Assessing business-it alignment maturity. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 4(14), 1–49.

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Systems Development and Project Management

Systems Development and Project Management
The nature of management methods for information systems that organizational leaders select depend on a company’s needs, strategic goals, and capabilities. It enables the managers to ensure that the selected approach aligns with the pre-determined goals (Maican & Lixandroiu, 2015). The acknowledgment of resource requirements allows the selection of management methods that run smoothly in the absence of shortages. Apple is among the entities that have attained a leading position in the global electronic and computing industries through acquiring appropriate methods of information system management. The company uses the object-oriented method of systems management to offer cloud computing services to its users (CBInsights, 2019). The approach involves examining the aspects of the market that require modeling to meet the clients’ needs.  I believe that the approach is right since it helps modify the strategies based on changes in market conditions and other parameters.
The object-oriented method of information systems management focuses on the aspects of the market that are variable to meet people’s preferences and needs. The system developers need to be highly innovative to meet the needs effectively using minimal resources (Costello & Donnellan, 2015). Apple adopted a personal health data system that allows the users to access services across online platforms. The systems development team mainly considered factors such as the growing demand for health services and ease of penetrating the markets during the formulation of the framework. Moreover, the specialists noted that the low-income and elderly populations have been struggling to access reliable as well as affordable care services from remote regions. In this way, the company decided to employ its innovative capabilities to bridge the wellness gap. The object-oriented method is suitable for maximizing the company’s gains from investments since it promotes flexibility (Turban, Leidner, Mclean, & Wetherbe,2007). The objects, in this case, include the users, transactions, and care delivery processes. Such services comprise sleep monitoring, diet management, consultations regarding general health, and preventive care interventions. It is possible for the company to maintain sustainable operations by using the system development method to adapt to changes in market opportunities as well as risks. 
Apple’s management team made the right decision by adopting the object-oriented system development method. The approach integrates different aspects of the market, including the customers, transactions, and service delivery, into one system. The corporation is likely to safeguard its position using the approach since it is highly flexible and adaptive to market evolutions. The system development team can maximize the benefits of the method by performing regular market research to allow timely adaptation to market changes.
Costello, G. J., & Donnellan, B. (2015). IT-enabled R&D for business value in a global framework. Journal of the Knowledge Economy7(3), 782-796. DOI: 10.1007/s13132-015-0247-6 CBInsights. (2019, January 8). Apple is going after the healthcare industry, starting with personal health data. Retrieved March 15, 2019, from
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Turban, E., Leidner, D., Mclean, E., & Wetherbe, J. (2007). Information technology for management: Transforming organizations in the digital economy (6thed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Information Systems Development

Information Systems Development is a process that needs not only technical capabilities but management capabilities as well. Managing successfully the development process creates a number of qualitative and quantitative benefits to all being involved (suppliers and customers). On the other hand, managing technical people can be both risky and difficult. The methodology that needs to be followed for successful project management need to be quite flexible, measurable, well documented and well defined. 
The system development life cycle is the foundation of software development. You analyze, design develop and release and support software, the idea being that if 60% of your effort goes into analysis and design, the rest of the project will only need 40% to be successful. IT project management simply refers to managing the team that would develop the software. Keep in mi d this discussion only covers the technical side of projects so it would still require functional resources to complete.

Hannan, K., Noor, A., Iqbal, J., Farid, S., & Chang, V. (2018). Development of public sector information management systems: Challenges and promising practices. Information Discovery and Delivery, 46(3), 184-195. 
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