Saturday, April 13, 2019

Aligning the business and IT goals

There are some critical success factors, which will help to align the business and IT goals;
It should show enhancement from alignment for the business plan.
2-    The update is critical for the alignment, whenever there is a change in the business and market.
3-    The obstacles should be addressed and managed.

In fact, there are four steps that could be used by the organization’s leaders to have a better position for aligning IT and business.
1-    Plan: there should continues communication between IT and business leaders in order to plan these strategies.
2-    Model: the design should be done by IT people, but before that, they should understand the business in depth in order to build an effective IT solution, and match with the company vision.
3-    Manage: all requests are going through IT departments a single point.
4-    Measure: the business and IT goals should be measured and regular reports to be published to senior management to evaluate the current issues and future goals.

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