Friday, April 12, 2019

Hotel Contract Billing Arrangements

Billing Arrangements

9.1       The Hotel shall establish a master account for the Group for those charges specifically authorized by the Group (the “Master Account”), subject only to objective standards of creditworthiness.  All room tax and incidental charges are to be billed on an individual basis, with the exception of those specified to be applied to the Master Account.  Direct billing of the Master Account is subject to prior credit approval; otherwise advance payment will be required.  Authorized Group food and beverage charges are to be billed to the Master Account.  At least three (3) weeks prior to the Meeting, the Hotel will receive the Master Account billing instruction, which shall include the following: (i) the names of those individuals authorized to sign for charges to the Master Account; (ii) the names of the individuals whose room charges are to be billed to the Master Account and what charges may be billed; and (iii) the names of those individuals utilizing Complimentary Room Nights and what charges may be billed.  The Group is not required to offer an advance deposit upon approval of a credit application.

9.2        Hotel will provide a post-Meeting report to the Group and to the IEEE at detailing the room pickup, cancellation and no-show factor and the number of guaranteed meals versus the number served at each meal function. 

9.3       Unless bills are reviewed and signed by the designated representatives, they will not be honored. All bills should be provided each day for review.  The designated representative(s) will be available each day to review and sign all accepted bills.

9.4       Master Account charges shall be paid thirty (30) days after receipt of a complete and accurate final bill and the post-Meeting report outlined in Section 9.2 above.  If any portion of the final billing is in question, the Group shall advise the Hotel’s convention services and accounting department of the specific item(s).  The portion(s) of the final billing that is/are unclear or in question will be “suspended” for 30 days, during which time the Hotel shall fully research the charge(s) and provide full documentation and proper back-up.  The final billing, excluding contested charges, shall be paid within 30 days of receipt.

9.5       Audit: If there is a discrepancy between the Hotels’ reported pickup figures and the figures believed to be accurate by the Group, the Group shall furnish the Hotel with a list of Meeting attendees to be compared with the Hotel’s list of guests during the Meeting Dates.  The Group’s authorized representative shall be allowed to review with Hotel personnel the Hotel’s list of in-house guests.  All rooms determined to be occupied by Meeting attendees shall be credited to the Room Block for purposes of this Agreement.  Credit toward the Room Block shall also be given for all Meeting attendees staying at the Hotel regardless of the date the reservation was booked or the rate paid.  Credit toward the room block shall also be given for all guests relocated to another Hotel due to the Hotel overbooking and for guaranteed no-show with forfeited deposits or credit card charges.

9.6       To protect the privacy of Hotel guests, the Group agrees that its authorized representative shall sign and be subject to the terms of a separate confidentiality agreement whereby guest names reviewed by the representative shall be kept confidential, will not be revealed to outside parties, and shall be used only in ascertaining the Group’s accurate pickup at the Hotel.

9.7       Hotel agrees that should the Group meet the requirements for an exemption from sales tax in the jurisdiction in which the Meeting is held, no sales tax shall be applied to the Master Account, provided that the Group provides the Hotel with appropriate proof of exemption at least fourteen (14) days prior to the first Meeting Date.

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