Monday, April 8, 2019

Hotel Contract for Commission, Complimentary Rooms, and Additional Concessions


3.1       Other than as set forth herein, Hotel represents and warrants that it has no agreement with any party to pay a commission related to the Meeting.  Hotel further represents and warrants that it shall not subsequently enter into such an Agreement without first disclosing such agreement to the Group and obtaining Group’s written permission to execute such an Agreement.


Complimentary Rooms

4.1       The Hotel shall provide the Group with one (1) complimentary room night for every forty (40) room nights occupied on a cumulative basis by the Group’s attendees over the dates established, (calculated by adding the total number of room nights occupied by the Group over the dates established, dividing that number by 40 and rounding up to the nearest whole number).  A single or double room night is counted as one (1) room night, one-bedroom parlor suite as two (2) room nights, etc.  Complimentary rooms may be assigned by the Group to individuals in any manner over the actual conference dates or immediately before or after the dates or applied to the Master Account provided, however, that the Hotel be notified of the Group’s intentions prior to arrival.

4.2       Any unused complimentary room nights shall be deducted from the Group’s Master Account based on the quoted room night rate times the number of unused room nights.


Additional Concessions

5.1       The Hotel will provide the Group with the following additional concessions:
A list of possible concession is available at:

If a rebate or commission is included in this Agreement, then the following must be added:  Group takes full responsibility for determining whether disclosure of the (rebate or commission) is required and for making such disclosure.”

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