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Hotel Contract Reservation Procedures

Reservation Procedures

8.1       Hotel will accept reservations made by telephone at +1 XXX XXX XXXX.  Meeting attendees will reference (Code) when making reservations.  The Hotel shall also offer individuals the opportunity to make online reservations by way of the Hotel’s web site (Web Address). Meeting attendees will reference (Code) when making online reservations.   Any available electronic reservation system/link will be provided by the Hotel to the Group, at no cost to the Group or to any attendee.

8.2       The reservation cut-off date shall be Day/Month/Year at 5:00 p.m. (choose one Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific) time.  Reservations received after this date will be accepted by the Hotel on a space available basis at the conference rates and will be credited to the Room Block.  Modifications made to existing reservations after this date will be treated as advance reservations.  All cancellations received by the Hotel prior to the cut-off date will revert to the Room Block.

8.3       Reservation Guarantee: The Hotel may require a deposit in advance from individual guests to guarantee a particular reservation.  The Hotel shall accept payment in the form of personal check, money order or valid credit card. At the Group’s discretion, specific reservations may also be guaranteed to the Master Account.  Guaranteed reservations are held until at least 6:00 a.m. the following morning, at which time the reservation and deposit are forfeited.  The Group does not guarantee payment for no shows except for those reservations guaranteed to the Master Account.  The Group shall publicize the Hotel’s advance deposit requirements to the individuals planning to attend the meeting. Should guest cancel a reservation, the Hotel shall refund deposits if notice is received prior to 6:00 p.m. on the arrival date. Medical and personal emergencies, which cause an individual cancellation or an early departure, will not be penalized with reasonable notice to the hotel. The Hotel shall allow name changes without any penalty. The Hotel shall promptly send a written or electronic confirmation of room reservation to each guest including Group name, Meeting dates, confirmation number, room rate, and room type.

            If using a housing authority, add the following:

Housing Authority: All housing reservations and supporting information will be coordinated through the official housing authority company chosen by the Group.  The HOTEL will ensure that requests for guest rooms assigned to the Group Room Block will be accepted only from the housing authority.

8.4       Room Pick-Up Report: HOTEL will provide each week, starting eight (8) weeks prior to Day/Month/Year (your arrival date), a room pick-up report showing the number of rooms on each Meeting Date for which Hotel has received reservations from Meeting attendees. 

8.5       Hotel shall not charge any additional mandatory charges to any guest folio or to the Master Account if not specified in this Agreement.  The Hotel shall not charge or post to any room ledger of a Meeting attendee or to the Master Account any amount except those that are agreed to and signed for in advance by an authorized signatory or as set forth in this Agreement.  Further, the Hotel shall not, directly or indirectly, impose any surcharges to Group’s attendees during their stay, regardless of whether additional goods or services are offered in connection with such surcharge.
8.6       Relocation: Hotel shall use commercially reasonable efforts not to relocate any conference attendee holding a guaranteed reservation.  If the Hotel does not or cannot honor all reservations accepted and/or confirmed by the Hotel to the Group or its attendees, the Hotel shall be considered overbooked and, at the Hotel’s sole expense, the Hotel shall (with a Group representative’s approval) provide:

·      Alternative accommodations of equal value for said attendees at an equal or better nearby hotel at no charge to the guest for length of stay guest is displaced.

·      One (1) complimentary round-trip ground transportation between the Hotel and the alternate hotel for each day the guest is displaced.

·      Two (2) phone calls world-wide and necessary arrangements for forwarding the displaced guest’s telephone messages and mail.

·      An offer to relocate the displaced guest back to first available room. If room becomes available and guest elects not to return to the Hotel, the Hotel shall have no further obligations under this Section.

·      Upon return to the Hotel, upgraded accommodations (if available) and a welcome expression from the General Manager.

·      Credit to the Group for any guests displaced toward its Room Block pick-up for purpose of this Agreement and for calculation of the GROUP complimentary room credit.

8.7       In the event a Meeting attendee who has reserved a room within the Room Block checks out prior to the reserved checkout date, the Hotel shall not charge an early departure fee.  Meeting attendees shall be instructed to make every effort to inform the Hotel in advance of any changes to their planned length of stay.

8.8       The Hotel’s check-in and check-out time are X:00pm and X:00pm respectively.   Guests are permitted to check in early or check out later subject to room availability.

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