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Restaurant Sommelier Memo Notice of New Grape Varieties

Date: October 14, 2018
      To: Restaurant Staff
From: Restaurant Sommelier
      RE: New Grape Varieties

One of our customers is looking to branch out for a new grape varieties and has asked me to research them and discuss my findings. The new grapes are Moschofilero, Grillo, Ugni Blanc, and Petit Manseng. I have researched these and here is my findings.
Moschofilero is a pink-skinned grape variety grown mainly on Greece’s Peloponnes peninsula. This wine is fresh, light with aromatic character and floral with grapy flavors. These rang in color from green to black, with considerable differences in sugar content and acidity. It is traditionally used to make a dry and bold wine. It usually makes still, sparkling and dessert wines.
The Grillo is a Sicilian grape variety that was once widely grown on bush-vines and used in the production of Marsala. The variety is still extensively grown on Sicily, but it is now more common to find Grillo produced as varietal wine. It shows a range of citrus flavors, usually led by lemon. It has a strong citrus aroma.
The Ugni Blanc, or Trebbiano is a white-wine grape originally from Italy, where it generates large quantities of simple but refreshing white wine. It has high acidity levels with strong aromas of citrus and lemon.
The Petit Manseng is the small-berried cousin of Gros Manseng, a light-skinned variety that some believe to be genetically linked to Albarino. It is found in the southwestern portions of France. This wine has a strong floral aroma with high sugar content. It is well known for dessert and sweet white wines.

I hope this helps everyone out with these new grape varieties and please keep this memo for reference.
Thank you for you good work.

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