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An empirical study about the status of business process management

Neubauer, Thomas. (2009) Business Process Management Journal: An empirical study about the status of business process management.
The purpose of the paper. Is. to talk about BPM which is among the most important managerial topics because it allows companies a quick adaptation to changing business requirements. 
 Consultants and researchers are frequently proposing new methods and concepts based on BPM to further increase the efficiency of corporate processes. However, from an empirical point of view it is crucial to determine the current status in practice and determine goals for research and technology transfer. 
This article addresses these issues. 
This survey aims at identifying current trends and strategic plans of companies as well as its realization in practice, and highlights the steps towards the process focused organization (PFO). 
This paper analyzes the current state of BPM in the market, analyzes the strategic, organizational and technical aspects of BPM in companies. The survey shows that although the majority of the participating companies are involved with BPM initiatives, only a very small number of companies follows holistic approaches and has reached the status of a “Process Focused Organization”.

This paper provides useful sources for companies in bench-marking their status regarding BPM. It provides them with 

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