Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Developing and Documenting Procedures in a Small Business

Padilla, Lorraine. (1999). Developing and Documenting Procedures in a Small Business. Dominguez Hills: ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

This article goes over the important of documented procedures in order to save time with new employees without extensive training, using the documentation as a form of training. It outlines the importance of procedures being documented for employees to understanding their role within the company and what is required of them for the business to operate successfully. One thing that I found to be extremely true is that if procedures aren’t documented then employees may not be as timely as they should be as they may not remember or know how previous employees completed tasks. This aligns directly with my business and the standards in cleaning that I expect and the specific ways that I expect cleaning to be done.

It further explains that a procedure manual can make smoother transitions in the learning process for new employees and allow them to provide better service to customers and clients, helping to improve the profitability of the business. It was helpful as it walked me through a great way to produce a procedure manual and a training program. This article was helpful in completely my assignment for this unit.

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