Friday, May 3, 2019

Integrated Business Planning

Kepczynski, R., Jandhyala, R., Sankaran, G., & Dimofte, A. (2018). Integrated Business Planning. Management for Professionals.
The authors note that the business environments are constantly changing, and as such, managers should respond to the uncertainty. The informationhelps to plan for the situation,so that the business stays in control. They explain that,good information improves management skills and decision-makingprocess, and therefore, a business that relies on that will have a competitive advantage. It also helps in supporting the goals, and strategies of an organization. They say that the process of planning; involves identifying issues, formulating objectives, and forming the team to work on solutions. Implementation of the agreed strategies is the final stage in achieving control. If there are changes to be made, thorough research should have been conducted, by the team designated to provide solutions. They conclude that,success can be evaluated by measuring the impact the objectives, have had on the business. 

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