Friday, May 10, 2019

Organizational interventions

Organizational interventions: A research-based framework for 
the evaluation of both process and effects
By:  Karina Nielsena * and Johan Simonsen Abildgaard, 2013

This article refers to the increase in organizational intervention that companies can use when they want to improve employee psychological health and well-being. It indicates that the research has been somewhat inconsistent in its results. There is an ongoing study regarding why interventions either work or don’t work depending on organization. This paper looks at the different methods used to evaluate the framework of the process. It states that critical elements for intervention can be grouped into four categories; the organizational actors, the mental models of the actors, the content of the intervention, and the intervention design and process. It goes on to indicate that most use a simple design of pre and post measurement with random controls for evaluating the organizational intervention. Most likely because they evaluation doesn’t have a good grasp on what the actual results should be, would be one indictor or why they are scattered.
What I took from this article is that companies can introduce their own elements into the process and that they can have an impact on the outcome. The article goes into pretty extensive research techniques that were done on the evaluation framework which is something that I think I can use in my paper. Also, it has some good diagrams to explain how the intervention works within the overall framework. It goes on to explain the differences in the four design parts as listed above. I found this article to have good useful information on the framework steps; how to initiate it, the action plans, the implementation and closing. This article is something that I could use in the framework decision.

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