Sunday, May 5, 2019

Strategic Planning Process

Neis, D., Pereira, M., & Maccari, E. (2017). Strategic Planning Process and Organizational Structure: Impacts, Confluence and Similarities. Brazilian Business Review14(5), 479-492. doi:10.15728/bbr.2017.14.5.2
                        Management trends are quickly changing in today’s dynamic managerial environment. Organizations find it difficult to implement their preferred processes due to the mismatch between the formulation and the implementation phases. Notably, “With an increasingly unstable environment, it is possible to identify the emergence of new configurations of practices in organizations, as the composition of teams, the flattening of the hierarchy, the use of the multi-functionality of employees and the use of flexible technologies” (Neis, Pereira, & Maccari, 2017, p. 480). The article explores business processes and procedures by using a case study approach developed on the prerogatives which require that a good case should have an outline, research design, preparations for data collection, the collection process, and analysis of the data before preparing a report. The research found out that the structure – hierarchy - that an organization adopts affects the ease with which processes are implemented and procedures followed. 
                        This is a reliable resource that is useful in exploring organizational processes. It can help in formulating recommendations on what business managers should do to ensure that the business processes are successful.

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